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RIP Tommy


Remembering Raudonikis: Tommy's time in rugby league
Upon the passing of Tommy Raudonikis, NRL.com looks back at some of the champion halfback's most memorable moments in rugby league


Bennett and Walters pays tribute to ‘larrikin’ Raudonikis
NRL club coaches Wayne Bennett and Kevin Walters have praised the career of Tommy Raudonikis after his passing at the age of 70



I did post this in JA and I think it is appropriate I post it here as well

Tommy was indeed a one off.

Asked for no quarter and gave none.

Tough as teak and some.

A man of his era and he remained true to it right to the end.

Tommy will be sadly missed by many but hopefully never forgotten for all his vices and virtues of which there were many.

A very sad day for the RL community but no doubt he will have a very rousing send off with plenty of stories and lots of laughter.

Well played Tommy enjoy the showers.
Well said OT.


I am a completely devoted St George/Illawarra Dragons fan first & foremost. My number plates on my car are Dragons & to top it off I have a wrap on my boat that has a Dragons fan stamped all over it. My point is that when I was growing up in my low socioeconomic area I had an escape in the form of listening/living/watching & breathing football.I have followed the Mighty Dragons since 5 years old but have always loved an underdog!!
During the 80’s my second favourite team was West’s for that reason. Tommy was the epitome of an underdog which we all LOVED.
His honest straight forward nature is something our world needs NOW instead of the PC Brigade dominating. As a people if we can’t be honest with each other how can we move forward?? I LOVED Tommy’s passion, humour & toughness HE IS A LEGEND OF THE GAME & A TRUE NEW SOUTH WELSHMAN. R.I.P TOMMY YOU CHAMPION.

dragon thomo

The way the current player hangs around after a loss on the footy field laughing with the opposition shits me off.
No way Tommy would stand for it.
Tommy would have more self respect for his Jumper Supporters and Himself.
I wish all our players would Tommy’s will to win for their team.