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Round 11 vs Sharks


This was explained pretty well on Fox the other day as they were debating the unlimited power of the Roosters to sign and retain players under the 'sombrero'.
Basically, one said (i think it was Cronk) players $$$ amount is only 1 factor in signing a club, the others are success ie playing finals and winning GF, culture and facilities. Players will sign for less if it = success and above all success = happiness.
Unfortunately we fail in all these aspects and why we need to pay excessive overs for middle class players.

Exactly. We have nothing to offer other than money. So we either end up paying overs for players OR we still don't entice them because they are looking for one of the other factors at that stage in their career. Ultimately, we've got nothing to market.


First Grade
Me sitting at home cheering or not cheering for the team isn't going to make one iota of a difference to what the BOD decides to do or how the team plays. Me being down on the team winning is only hurting myself as I have absolutely no influence over their actions.

Grant Hackett talking about his failures is fine - because he has influence over his results. I am also under no illusion that anything I write or say in here is going to influence any decisions made by the BOD or the club - the Sack Mary thread is a prime example of that.

You can choose to be overly critical of the team - that's your prerogative. However I'm still going to celebrate a win. Does that mean that I want Mary to stay? Hell no. Does that mean that I don't want change at the club? Hell no. But to me, something is wrong if I can't celebrate the team I support having a win. As Tru said elsewhere, these things are not mutually exclusive.
I'm pretty much at the same stage. Do what I do. I cheer the wins, because my team won, and I cheer the losses because that's another nail in the coffin.