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Round 12 vs Cowboys.


Said before a ball was kicked this year i thought tago was the fastest at the club over 40m.

Didnt get a big reception. Got told i was wrong.

Well tonight he caught a bloke that ran 3rd in the WHOLE NFL combine for running backs and wide recievers in about 25m..

Val had a huge headstart on him, had to step twice but was never clipped. Had no right to be caught... tago mowed him down with ease.

Like i said before a ball was kicked this year, tagi is our quickest over 40 bar none.


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Lol Flogler

Edit: Wrong thread but this nuffy put Yeo out for a few weeks last year.
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Was you at game?

not sure if it came through on tv but Klein lost all control then. Laying in the ruck, skinny 10m and that is the outcome
No, the Mrs was, I was home with the little one. Klein and the bunker did all they could in the 2nd half to keep the cows in it.


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Great game. Always funny to see people talk up the opposition for this Panthers team to go out and make it look easy.

Tago looks like he needs a hug at times. Sucks seeing the errors but will come good just needs to take his time and not be so hard on himself.


We were right side orientated at the start of the game, seemed like a conscious effort to get Edwards in a position to do some creating and To'o some ball. Wouldn't really say it reaped decent rewards.

Salmon came on after we were camped on their line and they were dead tired, but good for him.

Crichton burned again 1 on 1 by his opposite, he should have more pride in his defence than this.

We didn't force their wingers to make contested catches of the ball or to tackle Kikau on the line nearly as often as we should have.


Go on Facebook each week and all you see is bullshit about refs helping Panthers.

Nevermind that with 58% possession and dominating yardage. Making 70%+ more metres. We got smashed in penalty count, opposition once again managed to have faster play the balls and somehow everyone is cool when its nathan being hit late, attacking his legs while kicking etc. Without penalty.

We must have had more disallowed tries than any team. We would also lose play the ball speeds most weeks despite clearly being the dominant team in both attack and defence. We just play so fast and cop it in our stride without letting it get to us no one sees how often calls go against us.

We should dominate penalty counts and set restarts each week or have a hell of aot faster play the ball speed with our dominance. But teams tend to get away with slowing us down and somehow we're the ones accused of it.

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