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Round 17 vs Cowboys


Yeh no forwards the Sims boys play like dim Sims soft as, Vaughan not the same ..
Lawrie offers nothing,Frizell thanks for the service but no ball skills,host tries hard, Mcinnes not a lock, hunt
no attack and shit service from dummy half, Mez past it.
Ellis a toiler at best, Kerr?.
Gee your depressing :)


What’s with his use of the bench?

How many minutes did Fui get?

3 mins at best.

Does he think you get more points for using less interchanges?

The boys were buggered. Holmes try came from fatigue. Not covering the inside fast enough.

If he is the coach everyone makes him out to be he should leave and learn his craft somewhere else. He is way in over his head.




Young blasts 'individuals not doing jobs' as loss sinks finals hopes
Troy Whittaker NRL.com Reporter
Sun 6 Sep 2020, 10:24 PM

Dragons interim coach Dean Young called out "individuals not getting their jobs done" as the key reason for Sunday's 23-22 golden-point loss to the Cowboys in Townsville.

North Queensland fullback Valentine Holmes drilled the winning field goal in the 84th minute, but Young said it was yet another case of St George Illawarra beating themselves with mistakes.

They failed to ice several try-scoring chances, while Zac Lomax missed a rushed field goal shot at the death and Corey Norman pushed an attempt wide in the side's only extra-time opportunity.

It followed last round's 14-10 defeat to the Titans.

"Same s--t, different day," Young said to sum up the performance.


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"For the second week in a row, the game was there to be won in the last five minutes which is what this club wants to be about. We want to be fighting for the full 80 minutes, right to the death.

"But this club deserves to win as well. There's individuals not getting their jobs done - and that's what's costing this team.

"We're doing some good things and we invite them into the game with fundamental errors or even fundamental movements in defence.

"Blokes going sideways off the line and giving up their inside shoulders - stuff that we work really, really hard on and when the pressure's on, we're not nailing it at the moment.

"The boys spoke about it next door [in the sheds] that we lost, they didn't win. And that's no disrespect to the Cows, but they felt like they let themselves down."

Young said he wasn't disappointed with five-eighth Norman's decision to forgo a field goal shot and pass to Lomax in the 79th minute.

But the interim mentor thought Norman was perhaps a bit hasty in taking a snap in golden point from 40 metres out.

The resultant 20-metre restart and seven-tackle set allowed North Queensland to march into drop-goal range.

"If we kicked into the corner, had a big D set, got some field position and worked close to the try line, it might have been a better way to go, but we can address that through the week," Young said.

"But if Normie nails it from 40 metres out I'm pretty happy with him."

Young told Fox League pre-game that he expected to know whether he'd been successful in interviewing to be St George Illawarra's future head coach early next week.

Anthony Griffin and David Furner are among the other contenders.



How to ruin a perfectly pleasant weekend!!
I've had it with this mob and don't care who has to go, but we need things to change and stop this crap.
* We have 2 inexperienced props and Ellis, a last minute fill in. None of these are good enough for a starting run. Reserves and backups only. Need at least 2 good props plus DeBelin.
* Frizell got tackled by the NQ no.7 one on one.
* Dragons defence fell for every set play, inside pass, dummy, and flick pass.
* Defence just fails to pressure the opposition.
* NQ regularly made 60m+ in their sets
* Good to see Host make the most of his opportunity....Tariq may need to head back to the front row.
* If this is how the players respond to Dean Young he should not be coach or an assistant either.
* If Furner thinks this group is good enough to be top 4, he should not get the job.
* I'm still hoping for Bennett to come over.

Not sure I can keep this up, need to find an interest that has a chance of providing enjoyment.


Dean Young “ same s%#$ different day” is pretty much what I’ve said every week for years now. Firstly on Tuesdays with the Cut and paste team selection, and then again over the weekend as the same group of players dish up the same mistakes and poor performance. Nothing has changed from Mary to Deano. I really hope this make the club realise we need a whole new approach with a head coach unconnected to the club. And Deano, if you want a different outcome, then this Tuesday, give us something different with the team selection!

Coffs dragon

Same shit - different day (more Groundhog Day)
Same bus - different Co-driver (too Young)

Dean Young is part of the ongoing problem & not the solution. I don’t know what’s become of Flanno, but it appears he’s not even on the Bus and gone quiet.
No he isn't. He's no good under the high ball and can't tackle one on one.
He makes no metres and usually minus when taking the ball back and if he has an off night or is worked out by an opposition coach in attack, well he brings little. It's a harsh reality.
2 weeks in a row opposition coach has devised plan to keep Dufty quiet.
Cut out pass to the winger no longer an issue.
Let the ball bounce ...again.
Can we win a premiership with Dufty at FB?
The answer is NO.

Dragon David

Same shit - different day (more Groundhog Day)
Same bus - different Co-driver (too Young)

Dean Young is part of the ongoing problem & not the solution. I don’t know what’s become of Flanno, but it appears he’s not even on the Bus and gone quiet.
I'm just thinking Flanagan has lost interest with us and possibly cannot wait to leave. Why would he want to stay with this rabble?

RedV Resurgence

Same shit - different day (more Groundhog Day)
Same bus - different Co-driver (too Young)

Dean Young is part of the ongoing problem & not the solution. I don’t know what’s become of Flanno, but it appears he’s not even on the Bus and gone quiet.

Young is now the coach, so these sort of statement will wear thin very quickly. Blaming the team is no a trait of a NRL head coach. He needs to own the problem - its his responsibility.

If Young is serious, he needs to change the team, put pressure on non performing players by sitting them on the bench and watching. And make it clear publicly that they are on the bench because of their performance and nothing else.
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