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Round 19 - Rabbitohs vs Storm: Saturday 23rd July 7:35pm @Accor Stadium


I didnt have anything good to say about jed,as far as im concerned he has done nothing for us except be injured for the last 2 years, but! Ill give him this much,apart from the odd mistakes he always seems to come up with,at least the last 2 games he has put in, so much so that if he continues till stretch returnes he may be worth keeping on, and its his defence thats the highlight,not many can hold the papuan international at bay
Trell called Cartwright quote a "pit bull" in his post-game comments. If he continues in this mode, all over the park in attack and defense we have a starting centre, with a big body.
Gould did say two seasons back when Cartwright came off the bench in that 60-8 thumping of Easts that he always believed Cartwright would play A Grade. Perhaps its coming to fruition.