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Round 19 Vs Sharks


QUOTE="Iamback, post: 15325775, member: 53624"]
Back 3 early in the set
Into our defence wins us games

We have seen that when halves and other key players are out

We won both games without the Origin guys out. SOS hasn't lost a game, We will still dominate with no Luai in the side

That is more than just a kicking game getting us wins

I'd probably still give him 7/10 last week.

As we saw in Origin 7/10's aren't always enough, So like you say mixing the kicking up is a good way for that.

Both backrowers are good under the high ball. So landing a few on the 5m line leads to a couple of more tries/drop outs and gets that up to an 8 or 9/10... in which case no one comes close to us in any game