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Rugby League is in the greatest shape ever. (Discuss)


FYI sharks have registered over 420 teams already in 2024. Last year was 390. That’s not counting St George teams. A lot of it is tag. Big increase in over 30s men’s and women’s tag and juniors as well. This is the future model. No other club last year had the same % of tag as the sharks and it’s grown again. This is what Abdo and Vlandys are aiming at. Strong pathways and lots of community footy however that looks. Given the huge oztag and touch comps in the shire as well this is how we need to shape the game.


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As a Penrith fan, how would you like to see that happen? Not trying to be defensive, genuine question.

I think no one could argue that Penrith plays by the rules in term of salary cap/roster construction.

I’m not suggesting the latter at all mate. In a lot of ways your team’s success has been a good thing in some ways: other teams have to pick up certain standards. I know the Raiders have seemingly invested a lot more in juniors over the past couple of years. It has also happened in other sports as well so I’m not implying anything underhanded or nefarious etc.

What I’m suggesting though is that any type of sport needs a certain competitive tension or change to keep interest. If anything becomes too predictable how are you going to keep people interested? So it is not really something against your side as I would be saying the same about any team or individual with constant success.
Nah. If we're talking the worst the standout for me was a Sharks / Storm game from 2016 or 2017. They wrestled the crap out of each other for 80 minutes. From memory it was the game that Cam Smith got binned - being the highlight of a very ordinary game. It was awful.
Nah there was a Souths Storm game around that time that I actually turned off, one of the very, very few times in my life I`ve turned a League game off, Crowd was booing and Melbourne were absolutely abominable. I`ll never really consider Cam Smith a legend for the way he used to deliberately get tangled up in the ruck and slow the game down.


I think we’re in a good place and I haven’t felt this good about the future since forever. Expansion and a proper national footprint is genuinely on the cards. As impatient as we all are on this, it’s good we’re taking our time, better to get it right and not repeat mistakes of the past.

I love we have a women’s comp up and running. Hope it brings in more female fans to improve crowds and ratings further down the line which will improve our chances of a better TV deal.

I’m liking clubs are finally seeing the light and diversifying their income and investments streams.

I like how the game has the ability to correct itself and improve whereas other sports are stuck in the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ routine.

For all his faults, V’landys has been a godsend. He keeps us in the news year round . Led us through Covid ahead of the chasing pack. He’s had the guts to take us to Vegas. We look attractive to sponsors, he has the prime minister‘s ear, we have a presence in the corridors of power and in the f**king Whitehouse no less! As a measure of his performance, I think we have a leader where for the first time, the AFL have fear, loathing and a begrudging respect for him. I believe in an NRL presence in PNG but not in a PNG team in the NRL. I do love however that we’re seen as having geopolitical importance something the other game won’t ever have!

I think we need to up our game internationally and the NRL should take leadership of it. Appreciate the money it brings in and media’s appetite for it but Origin is holding international footy back imo. When Origin is stated as ‘best of the best’ (and it probably is) then how appealing is an international match? Plus Origin is hyped up in a manner in which the game is no longer allowed to be played at anymore leaving viewers feeling a little let down, probably why ratings have been on a steady decline. Don’t know what the answer is.

Lastly, we need to get Accor fixed. The GF - regardless who’s playing, is the greatest game of the year. It’s the jewel in the crown and should be played in a stadium deserving of its status.
Glad you mentioned this because I have an idea that could make Origin even bigger than it already is. Some might consider it a radical one, but I'll save it for a seperate post to share my ideas and explain them because this is something I've given some time to considering...


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Boggles my mind when people talk about Fox commentators like they do. They really are not much better than 9. It's very clear the whole team is directed to talk up controversy and it's very tiresome. As much as both Warren Smith & Vossy annoy me, they are still better at calling the play by play than Matt Thompson though.

I feel like the problem with 9 is the colour commentators like Joey and Gus have their own platforms elsewhere for their opinions and constantly mix those platforms. Just call the game and cut the whining. People hate Slater for his playing days but he is the best by far on Nine and it's not half obvious why QLD kept winning when you compare to Freddy.
Agree with all of that.


I'd say I've watched 90% of games since they all became televised in the 90's. I think this is the best it's been since 00 - 05 on field, and the best it's ever been off it.

Lord Peter and Dare I say it Gus have been the best things to happen to RL since the unlimited tackle era was relegated to history.

Lord Pete for the off field stuff & Gus for lighting the fire that awakened the sleeping giant. Not trying to make this another PENRITH thread, but as previously mentioned Dynastys are great thing in sport. This Dynasty has been built from within while the Vultures keep attacking yet it rolls on. Other clubs are starting to apply similar formulas and that is a huge positive for the game, it will take 5 to 10 years to bear fruit, but as long as a fair number of clubs stick to the formula RL will be in great shape.

Kevvie in last nights presser was great, you could see it was lightbulb moment and if the Broncos keep that mentality they will be hard to beat for a long time. Ciraldo is trying to push the Dogs inthe right direction, Warriors are on the up. What we need now is a strong Knights, Raiders and Cows to further push the built from within formula, I could even live with cap exemptions/incentives to encourage the players they develop to stay put.
I missed this, what did Kevvie say?

This Year?

Everyone seems happy with the way the game is going early in the season, then come round 15 when your team is staring down the barrel of 5 straight losses, you start to get a bit less optimistic.
Tigers, Bulldogs, Titans and Dragons fans:
Glad you mentioned this because I have an idea that could make Origin even bigger than it already is. Some might consider it a radical one, but I'll save it for a seperate post to share my ideas and explain them because this is something I've given some time to considering...
I’m looking forward to your thoughts but my concern is Origin is too big already and taking focus off international footy. I want the game to go global - hopefully in my lifetime