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Rumoured / Confirmed Signings

Tiger Shark

The amount of wrist slitting going on over on Facebook about Tracey is hilarious. It truly is the cesspit of football fans that have absolutely no clue
It’s pretty bad

I’ve seen everything to he’s a gun, one of our best players, better than Kennedy etc etc.

Same people were upset when we let Miller go and not excited about Hynes.

It’s actually a good test on if it’s a good signing/move by the club. Go the opposite to what Facebook think and you have your answer


First Grade
Yes I do remember that being correct also. Not sure on exact figures but Finucane's contract was front loaded.
It will be interesting to see if Capewell signing with the Wah's immediately has any affect on AFB being released for 2024. I also saw the coach referring to Capes as the Wah's new Steve Price. could mean anything, as leader/captain OR a move to the front row to replace AFB maybe? Fingers crossed we are making a play.

Special K

Finucanes last year was added in to combat the tigers offer but the last year from the reports drops to 400k. Who knows if the figures are true but Riccio reported it at the time.


First Grade
Re: AFB and the Warriors. Their stance for right now, is he will be a Warrior for 2024.
Brilliant news for us as we have roughly around 700k and 3 spots to fill.
We have enough money in 2025 for a proper run at him anyway.
If the Warriors change their mind between now and whenever, and allow him to leave in 2024, we have more money than Wests, St George and the dogs to have a run at him for the season.

With that information in mind, I expect us to sign 2 more players of the Billy Burns ilk, and leave money available for if/when AFB becomes available, or another star gets disgruntled.
I have also been told that should we decide we want to target AFB, we will try and secure him quickly for 2025 and then begin negotiations with NZ.

The usual tripe about offloading players that you see on the socials won't happen.
Hunt & Kaufusi have no desire to go and BHU will extend or move to another Sydney club.

We also had some initial interest in Jarome Luai, but that cooled when his manager started asking for a Million dollars and the number 7 jersey.


First Grade
Interesting. Wonder how we have so much more money than St George, who have they tied up their money in? Ben Hunt is one name that comes to mind but who else there is on huge money?

Stake Removed

First Grade
OT this proposed deal Panthers and Tigers, where Luai goes immediately to Tigers for both Klemmer and this kid Galvin I believe.
The Panthers will get the better of the deal.
I would not be surprised if this comes off that the shoulder injury Luai has turns out to be worse then first believed and becomes ongoing factor.
The tigers as normal will end up on wrong end f deal

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