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First Grade
Lodge is a great signing if it happens. He made 105m average this last season on one leg and playing for the worst team in the comp.

When fully fit he will do wonders for our front row rotation that lost considerable steam in the second half of the season due to BA playing our 2 senior props for way to long during games for fear of losing power and momentum when he replaced them.

At least now if we sign him, BA can give them all the proper spells that they need for a long and arduous season, whether they like to come off or not.

As for the game having past him? Oh please, he played on one leg ffs and still averaged more metres then at least half the NRL forwards running around. The guy will make us way better if indeed we have signed him.

Then all we need is for some of our out or form backs to hit form again and we are in line to having a stellar season in 2021.


Post Whore
I reckon he's closer to 120kg. He's about halfway between Paulo and RCG in height and girth.

You're probably right.

He is a big unit.

I don't hate the signing, regardless of his off-field character.
The off-field shit aside... Lodge is a deadset plodder.

He is an injury prone, slow, dopey, Ill disciplined bag of potatoes.

So, what you're saying is...he'll fit right in at the Eels?


I'm not basing it just off those 6 games, i never got the massive wraps he was getting in 2019 as well. Living up here i watch most Donkey's games and while solid was hardly the world beater were talking him up as. A stats padding grubby piece of shit. And as for his mongrel??? I remember our finals against him in 2019 and he took the first hit up and got smashed and then disappeared for the rest of the game until he tried to bash a halfback in Moses.

Is he really much of an upgrade on Evans on what they have offered the last 2 years?? Add in all his baggage and his injury concerns and i am not a fan of this at all.
To be fair, mate. Watching Donkeys games at Chardies sports bar on a Friday night with a skin full under your belt is no basis to make an articulated judgement.