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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Xavier Savage


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No lefty scouts allowed I'm afraid. You would want to give all the kids a trophy and a contract. Not the way the real world works friend.

But don't lose heart mate I got you covered. When we're looking to fill our cheer squad, you will definitely be at the front of the line. So get your pom poms ready and skirt ironed Gronky. The tryouts are coming soon and you don't want to miss your calling champ. It would be unforgiveable.

Go the Eels!
We don't have cheer girls anymore. Research bro.


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People need to know the rules better.

The rules allow any club to talk to any player at anytime they want, years before a players contract expires if they so chose to.

What they aren't allowed to do though is table a formal contract offer to the player till November 1st prior to the last season of his current contract.

We for example could go and talk to Xavier Savage right now about joining us in 2024 since he is contracted till the end of 2023, but we couldn't offer him a concrete formal offer until November 1st next year 2022.

means nothing without a source mate, just your word against Big C


Post Whore
means nothing without a source mate, just your word against Big C
But Big C’s word is fine without a source???

And another one for Ram I’ve heard 360 merkins talk about it heaps. You can do what you like with the player as long as you don’t offer him a formal contract before Nov 1. It makes a mockery of the rules just like most things involved with the NRL these days.

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