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Greig looks super fit now. Hollis has also filled out. I reckon both could be suprise packets.
With Kafusi, Papali'i, Marata and a lesser degree Stone gone it's possible we have ready made replacements within. Rodwell will have Stone spot covered. Morreti may take Maratas....Exciting times. This is the sign of a strong system.
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And Ogden is potentially as good as any of the ones leaving….


Apparently Covid running thru Parramatta players and coaching staff. Best now than later I suppose.


Parramatta has been hit harder than most clubs by the COVID epidemic.

In just the last week, the bug has hit coach Brad Arthur, many of his staff and star players Mitchell Moses and Reagan Campbell-Gillard.

"About two-thirds of the squad and training staff have had it by now," an Eels insider told Wide World of Sports yesterday.

"It's made things tough but better to get it now than during the season and the rest of the boys have soldiered on."

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Storm have paid $500k x 5 years for a guy that played in the 2019 Schoolboys side with Sam Loizou (Sam Walker etc).

He's two years ahead of these lads.


The Melbourne Storm have also recently landed the signature of one of the best rookie forwards in the game on a five-year deal worth $2.5 million.

Jack Howarth, 19, can play in the centres or backrow and was part of the 2019 Australian Schoolboys team which featured fellow young guns Sam Walker and Reece Walsh.

A product of Brisbane Boys College, Howarth stands 193cms and 105kg but endured a frustrating season last year with injury.

Flegler ready to fire for Broncos

Flegler ready to fire for Broncos | 02:00

Good judges believe Howarth will most likely end up playing in the backrow with the Storm showing how highly the rookie is regarded by investing in a five-year deal which at this point averages at $500,000-a-season.

That’s a huge investment for a player yet to make his NRL debut.
Aussie day holidays, trip to Sydney Zoo out our way. A zoo for us westie filth.

Check these giant Guinea Pig things out:

Native to Mt Druitt, Camden, Greystanes and Rooty Hill.

They graze on slobs walking home from the pub who are too drunk to drive and have a penchant for attacking eastern suburbs fans.

People from Penrith breed them to show and fight. They are sacred giant rodents and have right of way on the Great Western Highway near Kingswood.


I’ve found the mascot for mysterious 18th side.

Two likes and I’ll post up a few more critters for ya.
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Behold the Lessor Spotted Curly Tailed Five Fanged Shire Chameleon

This one has a sad backstory. It was rescued from the backyard of Tyrone May. It has a penchant for stealing visitors iPhones and trying to film its Den.


It’s been extremely difficult trying to catch a female it can breed with.

It was frightening to see close up. The zoo asked me for this photo for their publicity, but I’d rather donate it to the mighty @Timmah.
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The Australian Carny Storekeeper.

Survives by selling over priced stuffed toys, cash only with a $2 “accidental short changing” during random transactions. This in turn injects significant cash into the local drug, ciggie and booze economy of Blacktown.

I was fortunate to catch one during feeding time. An unsuspecting tourist from Baulkham Hills. Their favourite meal.

Moving around to the outdoor acquarium area, the family and I stumbled upon the “Legendous Scottalias “ aka the Loch Ness Monster enclosure.

A few protestors have been seen calling for it’s release into the wilds of Prospect Dam.


The Scottish government have made several diplomatic protests over her continued incarceration and the matter will be settled in the UN after the covid crisis settles.

Australia is working hard to get a fighting fund together to bribe as many dictatorships as is possible to vote for us.

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