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Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
What’s the most games we have won in a row under Bea Arthur?? I’d doubt it would be more than 4 or 5. We just aren’t consistent enough to go on a massive run to make up for the poor start.
We’ve also never made it to week three of the finals with Arthur!!!


My mail is that we technically have 27 in our squad and are looking to bolster with a quality signing, not just anyone.
Hands and Mataele are not in top 30 officially but are in the 30 highest paid which makes it easier to get exemptions if needed.

Russel is still not 110% ready and club is being cautious around his return date.
Think we need a quality forward and back tbh.


The Sydney Roosters have denied any interest in Parramatta Eels halfback Mitchell Moses.
Moses had the opportunity to join the club four years ago – but rejected a big-money offer.
“We’re not interested,” said Roosters chairman Nick Politis.

“We’re more than happy with Sam Walker as our halfback.
“There has been absolutely no discussion around Mitchell Moses.”
Moses has been offered $5 million over four years at the Eels but is baulking at signing.
The Roosters have a suspicion the club is being used as a leverage to build on Moses’ $1.2 million-a-year offer from the Eels.
“That’s why it’s important we make a statement and confirm he is not part of our plans,” Politis said.

Gee these jurnos must have very short memories. Our offer to Moses has ranged from $1.1m (most likely) to $1.25m with now $1.2 mentioned above. Surely they can get together and come up with a unified offer can't they (regardless of actual offer which probably none know)?

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