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84 Baby


Merkins are holding him back to play another game.


The Wests Tigers have been left red-faced after informing key forward Joe Ofahengaue he can join a rival club, only to then ask him to stay and play one more game.
The embarrassing contract twist has emerged after it was revealed on Thursday that the 2022 Wests Tigers Player of The Year was poised to sign a Two-and-a-half year contract with Parramatta, effective immediately.
Ofahengaue and his agent agreed to terms on the deal with the Eels on Wednesday night after the Tigers recently told him he was free to leave and talk to rival clubs.
He attended a medical assessment at Parramatta on Thursday morning, with the Eels planning to start Ofahengaue in their NSW Cup clash with South Sydney on Friday night.
Originally, Parramatta were hoping to finalise the deal prior to last Tuesday’s team naming in order for him to be part of their NRL squad to play the Rabbitohs.
However, the Wests Tigers have been holding back the final release.
It can be revealed why, with the Eels left stunned to learn that the contract was being delayed by the Tigers due to the possible withdrawal of a forward from the Wests Tigers’ clash with North Queensland at Leichhardt Oval on Saturday night.
It’s understood Tigers teammate and fellow forward Fonua Pole is in doubt due to illness.
Eels officials are rightfully questioning why Wests want to play a player they are happy to release.
Hey @Tiger5150 remember Moses last game for you guys… I’m sure Joe will rip into Taumololololo this weekend

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Interesting about the option….

Moses extends with the Eels

The Parramatta Eels have extended the contract of halfback Mitch Moses until at least the end of the 2026 season with an option for a further two years until 2028.

Mitch Moses said he is excited about securing his future with the Eels. “We have a great bunch of boys at Parramatta and I love working with Brad and our coaching staff. I’ve been an Eels supporter since I was a kid, so this feels special.”
Good way to spread his money over five years but we wanna hope he’s still good enough for the top 17 in those later years.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Reading through that link, am I crazy for thinking that we actually have a pretty nicely balanced roster for the next few years? Pretty much all of the guys signed beyond 2024 are ones that you’d want, and some of the deader weight aren’t here longer term.
I suspect some merkins will find something to whinge about.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
No, we shouldnt extend him unless we jag a premiership in the next 2 years.
Even then we shouldn’t extend him. You don’t sacrifice the future to reward the past. He’s either good enough to continue as coach or he isn’t. Jagging a premiership shouldn’t change that.


Joe is going to be a bench player mainly so I hope they paid no where near the figures we are hearing.
Just need to get him Parrafit now.
Watched some Skelton highlights. Hope our recruiting team has also seen them. Kid could be anything.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Smoking Joe till end of 2025. We realy don't have many spots open in our top 17 now do we?

If Greig and Joe are two spots on the bench it leaves two more. One probably a utility. Doesn't leave any pathways for juniors.
Everyone's signed till atleast end of 2025 so what hope do any juniors have to debut between now and the start of 2026?
Some of the merkins signed won’t be on so much that they can’t play reserve grade:


We have five top 30 spots open next year and all those listed above would be on $250k or less, imo of course.

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