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Rumours and Stuff


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I wonder what indicators they use when determining what sexual touching is on camera and how to determine whether or not it was actually unwarranted?

Pubs can be packed, especially on a dance floor. Not sure how you can make an accurate assessment on the above when there is f**k all lighting (usually flashing) on a dance floor and numerous people squashed tougher like sardines.

Unfortunately this is the risk you take when on a dance floor at an establishment like the sheaf on a Saturday night.

It is like leaving your car parked on the main road of Mount Druitt, with the keys in the ignition, then wondering why your car is gone in the morning.

It'll have to go up to the bunker.

the phantom menace

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........yet he she decides she doesn't want to give evidence, the it'd be very difficult to achieve a conviction, and quite likely the DPP would pack it in.
If Dylan doesn't make an admission on the basis of the venue's CCTV footage which (after complaint had been made to staff) reportedly prompted venue staff to contact police and presumably resulted in the five counts.

If Dylan makes admissions it's possible he could plead guilty and receive a CCO/ICO minimal disruptions. But if he tries to fight it and if the police/prosecutors believe their evidence is solid, then this could drag right out...


Heads up Eels fans. Ashley Graham bio movie out later this month...


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