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The world we live in now. So difficult to not offend any particular groups with opinions here! As a female or male you should be able to go to a pub and not be harrassed. However mix that with Alcohol or any other substance and we make poor or impulsive decisions - sometimes disorderly. Is it acceptable - of course not but do we step into a pub with inebriated people expecting everyone to be behaving and make the best choices? Of course not! Soon people will be suing pubs that allow them to drink and make these poor choices - or suing them for allowing others to do this causing someone to feel threatened.
my advice to anyone in the public eye, get off socials and don’t socialise in public. What a fun world we live in these days!!!
Alcohol is the problem. It should be outlawed and weed legalised. Most of the issues we have as a society would be remedied.
Except Manly. They would still be around stinking everything up.

T.S Quint

Hynes and button are ahead of moses


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