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100% I am in Favour of keeping our 1/6/7 in their positions as long as our attack is worked on over the offseason.

You know what I reckon is a sneaky position of need on this team..... edge forward. Not in love with what we got atm. Hopefully guys like brazel and guymer can step up soon


1. Brown
6. Sanders
7. Moses
9. Gutho
I dont get this sanders love. He'll be picked apart in defense by the big back rowers.

He looks skinny. He's not suallii mature yet. Ja is probably bigger than him. A lhs defense of sanders, superman and sivo is frightening.

I want dyl at 1 so he has more space and can work with Moses better.

I think guth will do ok at 6

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
so you want to weaken the team by moving Guth from fullback ?
I think Brown would be a better fullback than Gutherson. He is also a high effort player, like Gutherson, but with greater athleticism. At fullback he would be far more dangerous on kick returns. The only downside is we would lose his defence in the line. Another upside is that we could replace him at 6 with a better kicker.


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There were 2 games from memory in 2002 which our season went to shit and both were against Newcastle.

Lyon broke his leg and missed the rest of the season and Vaealiki got a 8 week ban for elbowing Joey Johns which caused a big stink with Tahu on the sideline.

Then there was the other game in Newcastle where we were on track to get our season rolling again after a few losses with a hard fought win up there and Billy Harrigan decided to murder us.
I don’t think we were winning anything that season with McFadden at halfback and losing PJ Marsh.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Dylan needs to be coming onto the ball at speed at 3rd or 4th receiver. Atm he spends alot of time at 1st and 2nd, whiles it good for squaring up a defence his run game would be far more potent as the last playmaker on the shift than the first.
To be fair, this is the case with every player. They're all better running at one defender than at three or four together.

T.S Quint

Nah, had to work way to hard for it and now it is something that I feel has been paid for a thousand times over. It's like something that has been stolen and if we ever win it again we have been made to beg and pay 100 times its actual price to get it back on a short term loan for a few months.

You can't get back the years of sh*t that have been dished up by this club and as every year keeps mounting and old fans keep dying, it just gets worse and for them, a debt never paid.

Sorry I'm 60 now, the debt can never be paid. I have been watching and heat broken way to long and often to feel the ledger can ever be repaid in kind(joy). There just isn't enough years or time left in me for that ever to happen. We don't even have players that I love watching like I used to, other then Gutho, and he too has pissed off many with his re-signing tactics.

They suck and they will always suck in my world. I can't see them turning that around and becoming the Panthers anytime soon, can anyone?

Seriously, you really should just stop watching footy.
I don't think this game (and this team) is for you anymore.


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So JAC was knocked out in a koori tournament but the Bulldogs had no idea according to the telegraph.

FMD who Is running the show at Belmore it certainly isn't ciraldo.

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