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The Colonel

My brothers and their families are dogs fans.
They were excited on signing him. They quickly changed after the first 6 or 8 weeks of the 2023 season.
He is a decent player but it shows why the club baulked at the updated offer from the Bulldogs. I am almost certain that is why they have gone hard for Turpin, Hutchison and Mann to take some pressure off him playing 80 minutes. I was disappointed to see him go but at the reported cost of his contract I didn't see the value. I am of the opinion that like many big price Gould signings in the past he will be at a new club before his contract ends - either in the NRL or overseas.


My brothers and their families are dogs fans.
They were excited on signing him. They quickly changed after the first 6 or 8 weeks of the 2023 season.
Well firstly why are your brothers dogs fans haha.

But has there been a more woeful performance from a former Parra player against us then what Reed dished up at commbank last season.

He came out to prove a point and reinforced to Parra it was probably the best decision to let him go.


Post Whore
And let's not forget, AFB ain't going anywhere until 2025 so the dogs, if the get him, still have to negotiate a full season without him....

IMO he will end up a bad signing. He will be 29 in 2025. Yes Props can be good till 32 but I wouldn't want to risk 1 million on him. Whoever gets him will need a 4yr deal I reckon and my guess is they'll get 1 yr worth his million and then will be paying overs for the remainder. Not saying he won't be a top 10 prop but he won't be in the top 3.


First Grade
Where is that tigers fan? Want his opinion.

Lachlan Galvin could go to Panthers in a player swap for Jerome is that a good swap? Klemmer also is in the swap deal to Panthers.


Galvin future halfback for you guys? Long term?

Future first grader. Very good player but growing into a very tall human, not sure if half is where he'll end up, possibly 6. Not much younger than Latu Fainu who I expect to play first grade this year. Wouldnt be surprised to see him develop into fullback/centre.

Also have Onitoni Large behind him who could be an absolute superstar.
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I'm predicting we will go well next yr. Surely can't have as terrible draw as this yr, suspensions and injuries and underdone when the comp started. On paper our pack with everyone available is close to the best. Now we all know forwards need to go forward so the backs can do something.
Dylbro will want to repay us for his misbehaviour. Penisini and Russell will be even better next yr. Sivo needs to be in the game. Moses and guth we know what we get. Still want Moses to control and make the team go with him instead of sometimes parking on the right.
I still feel we are going to sign a quality outside back...just a hunch.
With a good crop of youngsters in Blaze Talagi, Ethan Martin, Richard Penisini as well as Harper and Dunster all potentially pushing for first grade I think there is some healthy competition there..
I'm actually quite positive about our prospects next yr...
We were terrible this yr and missed the semis by a game...we should be and will be much better...all fit we will be a big threat. The same can't be said of all other teams...we have a very good roster. We just need no dumb shit on and off the field to make an impression in the comp