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Rumours and Stuff


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It suits the player to say that. They are hardly going to reveal their actual salary

they weren't asked to reveal anything, the journo made the accusation and it is not like the media to overstate anything

if it comes down to a choice between believing the players or the media, I would tend to believe the players

I recall on Twitter Hanye used to call them out, especially Buzz


Both of them contracted to 2028, not one.
Yes both extended I heard the other night...will make for an interesting couple of years for them two. With Turuva leaving and Alamoti doing ok panfers could potentially have both McCleans in the backline next year and years to come...especially with the pending action from that other bright spark

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
if you listen to the players when asked about their salaries they always say its overstated by media reports

when Mitch was asked about his new $1.2million contract he answered "I wish it was"
Obviously the players could be lying, but the balance of probabilities says the media have an incentive to inflate figures and create drama.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Do they have player options.

Because i hear its a big advantage for the club to have players have player options in there contract.
It’s an advantage for the club when the player signs, it’s an advantage for the player when the option is due to be exercised. Try and think win/win instead of seeing victims in every transaction.

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