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Ryles it is NOT - Rejects Dragons

jay mac

Gus was able to make his forecast come true. With these mentors did we have a chance?

“Ryles had taken advice from a range of mentors, including Phil Gould, Eddie Jones and Storm head of football Frank Ponissi. The conclusion was that this was not a job for him. But maybe the most significant phone call was from Bellamy, who wanted him back at the Storm.”

I'm excited by the Flanagan bit of this article. I'm not excited by anything else in rugby league at the moment.


It's understood Ryles has not been guaranteed the Storm head coaching role when Bellamy does eventually step aside. However, the 44-year-old said the opportunity to return to a set-up where he'd already experienced great success - while continuing to learn from one of the game's greatest ever coaches - was one he simply "couldn't resist".

A new coach our board did pursue,
They planned for a massive coup.
We’ll pay a huge fee.
They chuckled with glee.
Secure the next coaching Guru!

On Ryle’s they did set their sight
Head coach, offered with delight’
“If I may be so bold
I’d like some control”

Now that gave the board a great fright

They upped the contract 4 years,
And tried to ease Ryle’s fears.
“We’ll make your decisions,
With the utmost precision
Together, next year’s premiers

To their shock Mr Ryles said ‘NO”
“I’m moving to sweet Mexico’,
Down at the Storm
A professional platform
And a salary cap Sombrero”

The board now have egg on their face.
NRL’s confirmed basket case.
They should all resign,
They’re not so inclined,
But choose to lead on in disgrace.


Ryles storms off as Dragons resume hunt

Jason Ryles walked away from St George Illawarra with no guarantee he would be Craig Bellamy’s successor at the Storm as the Dragons prepare to alter their thinking of securing an untried coach.

Dragons officials were blindsided on Wednesday morning when Ryles told them he would not take up a four-year contract worth about $800,000 a season.

While the Dragons baulked at offering Ryles a five-year contract and final say on key roles within the organisation, they were happy to invest heavily in their former star prop and had guaranteed almost all of his expectations.

The Dragons wanted to secure Ryles before locking in any additions to their club, with those at the Dragons open to bringing in a prominent head of football.

The Dragons will now shift their attention to securing a new coach. They already held discussions with Dean Young but former teammate Ben Hornby is yet to have any contact with the club.

Hornby shares the same manager as Ryles and the failed talks has left a sour taste in the mouth of some Dragons officials.

They had planned to have an emerging coach lead the club post-Anthony Griffin. Now they will give serious thought to luring a proven mentor – the likes of John Morris, Michael Maguire or Shane Flanagan.

The Dragons had met Ryles as recently as Monday and left that get-together confident they had their man. Chief executive Ryan Webb received the bad news on Wednesday morning.

“It wasn’t the right time for him,” Webb said. “We appreciate him being honest and rather find out now than in six months’ time that he didn’t feel comfortable. We will continue on our process with the other candidates and hopefully bring it to a head shortly.”

Instead Ryles has opted to rejoin former club Melbourne next season with an eye on becoming Bellamy’s replacement should he step away within the next two seasons.

But there is no certainty that he will take over from Bellamy, which leaves the door ajar for Queensland coach Billy Slater to pursue the job should he wish.

Ryles’ decision clearly makes him the frontrunner for the position.

Storm chairman Matt Tripp confirmed there was “no guarantee Ryles will be replacing Bellamy”.

“He is coming down as a key candidate,” Tripp said.

“I would have Craig for another five years but if he doesn’t, we are spoilt for choice with Jason and some of the other very good assistants in the club. He will be value add to the club so why wouldn’t we create a role for him.

“He liked what he heard. I think we now have a really good succession plan for Craig if and when he decides to give it up.”

Contact has been had with Dean Young but not Hornby, god help us.
And still no mention of Hasler, he must have given us the flick, we would be stupid to not have even approached him. Oh thats right we are stupid !!!


First Grade
Ryles didn’t come with the same fanfare or reputation as say Fitzgibbon or Ciraldo who both served under brilliant coaches. I’m not that bummed one day on and by now I am used to the rejection sadly. Serving under brilliant coaches doesn’t always mean a lot. Look at Price for example.

in order of preference:


Ryles didn’t come with the same fanfare or reputation as say Fitzgibbon or Ciraldo who both served under brilliant coaches. I’m not that bummed one day on and by now I am used to the rejection sadly. Serving under brilliant coaches doesn’t always mean a lot. Look at Price for example.

in order of preference:
What no mention of Young, blasphemy thebigredv :)))


Anyone with 5 mins to spare, have a listen. This is what we are up against. A Board so insulated, North Korea would be proud.

Brilliant exposé. So my take is forget player retention, player signings, coaches, performances. Nothing is going to change whilst our board remains in place. The structure and composition of the board have been a cancer since the joint venture began with self preservation overriding all else. Bennett was the exception because he had control, not the board.
I see no one at any level trying to fix the issues. The Ryles debacle is just further justification to get rid of these morons.
I no longer wish to live with the disappointment of this shitshow until this board and structure are gone.

I'm Hornby

The board want someone that they can manipulate , so a Hasler , Flanno and Ryles wanting full control is a threat to them ......
Exactly Illusion.

People can say Ryles is a rookie coach so we dodged a bullet, but to me the fact he had the foresight to know he would need control of football ops shows he is a good operator and will be a good coach when he gets the chance.

Others say he won't get control at Melbourne and that maybe so, but Melbourne is a very well oiled machine and Ryles won't need the same amount of control there.

Regardless of who our next coach is, if no changes are made in the fashion that Ryles wanted, we can forget any hopes of being a successful team, so I will hope that whomever the board turns to next has the same gall that Ryles did and requests the same things.


Hornby and Young need to earn their stripes as head coaches somewhere else.

Absolutely not interested in P-plate assistant coaches given the running because of old-boy status.

Reeks of entitlement, and closed-shop mentality ... hardly grounds to pull in marquee talent.

Now a 40 year major sponsor losing confidence, surely has to be the end of the line with the current board.

Hoping its just a matter of time before the NRL step in and sack the board and we can get a fresh start.


There are several points here to consider:

1. I reckon Ryles was never going to take Dragons job. It is obvious now he and his manager were also negotiating with Storm at the same time and they kept feeding info about Dragos to the media (specially NewsCorp journos who also own Storm) and the Storm negotiations hidden. Basically where we are in NRL ladder, means a lot of players will use us to get a better deal somewhere else.
2. I also reckon he got sacked from Roosters job because Roosters found out he is talking to Storm. Talking to Dragons a team that coming last for next years job and is no threat for Roosters was not a sackable offence. However, talking to Storm which would be a top 8 competitor for Roosters is another issue.
3. From the comments he has made about why he took Storm job, it is obvious that he was not the right man for Dragons job.
4. One wonders how much Storm (or top teams) pay their assistant coaches! I am sure Ryles did not knock an 800K a season job unless the money hw will be getting come close to it or he is guaranteed head coaching job in not too distant future.

I personally think the best option for us will be Flanno. He is a premiership winning coach. He is very good at identifying and developing talent. It also seems we have a very good relationship with Manly administration. Lots of players have been swapped between both clubs and deals has gone smoothly and the media circus that happened with Ryles, Roosters and Melbourne will not happen with manly.