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Should Jai Arrow have gone to the sin bin?


In a game where if you punch you go to the sin bin yet you can legally slam a passed out players head to the ground and not be sin binned doesn’t feel right.

Was the ref weak not to send him to the bin?

Desert Qlder

First Grade
Addo-Carr roughed up Holmes exactly the same way after he dropped the ball. Send him off also.

Frizell should have been given ten for taking out Munster after he kicked, according to the ruling on Allan.

Wasn't even penalised.


No, its obvious watching the footage Jai Arrow didn't know James Tedesco was knocked out. And when he did notice he motioned to the sidelines. Even the NRL would have acknowledge that. The NRL did have to take some action though because the of the circumstances of the incident and the players welfare. Arrow has been fined $550 for his actions. Arrow has said he has apologized to Tedesco after the game.

If it was obvious Arrow did know Tedesco was unconscious then the NRL would have gone at him alot harder.

Still Nutty

Under the current 'norms' for players giving the opposition a serve when they make an error he has nothing to answer for...it is not a good look but it is not a sin bin or a penalty.

The bigger issue for the league is that there needs to be a shift in policy on how they educate, police and manage players doing that sort of thing as a more general duty of care issue...if Teddy had a neck or spinal injury out of the collision, Arrow could have really made the situation a lot worse by the way he picked him up off the ground and shook him around.

It has been part of the game to some degree for a long time and I'm not averse to that bit of niggle and baiting when a player coughs up the ball or makes an error, it adds a bit of spice to the game....but being a Knights fan and knowing what Alex McKinnon has gone through, it is an area the NRL needs to establish a framework for the players to know when it is not appropriate (e.g. when a player is laying prone on the ground) to go down that road.

On Arrow though, I'm a Blues supporter and he didn't do anything that other players would do from both sides and he did immediately recognise that Teddy was in distress and tried to call help over

jack coburn

Mate you only have to push a players head down when getting up to be penalised these days. Arrow pushed his down then picked him up and slammed him into the ground again. Whether he was out or not doesn’t matter. What he did was a grub act and no one will convince me otherwise. Will be the perfect replacement for burgess at the scabs next year. Can carry on the tradition of grubs at the scabs.


The real injustice was that the Blues didn’t put up a bomb in the next set, and start a brawl by smashing the isolated fullback.


you fkturds want origin to be full of agro and intimidation and then complain when a player acts like it.
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