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State of Origin 1 - 2024


Well even the girls bombed out tonight by a field goal and we dominated until the last 6 minutes. Women's series still alive. Oh well, that's bloody footie for you.
I only watched about 10 minutes of Game 1 and 20 of last night, but there were people on the game thread saying Qld were getting away with head-high shots, standing offside and forward passes during the game. Which I can believe. First women's series to go to 3 games, and what better way to promote it than having Game 3 a Decider (TM)?

Harder to sell tickets to Townsville if it's a dead rubber...
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Gawd sakes! I hope bloody not!
Ha ha.
Did you guys see that our boy Alex Lobb makes his official debut against you guys thus rd. He did play a little cameo coming in as 18th man a few rds ago but this rd He's starting on the wing.
He still lives in the shire I think and still surfs there. He says he still has a lot of mates from St George.
I rate the guy. He's tall and strong under the high ball.
How do you think he'll go with us?
He's on BTR today.
Just incase your interested


I was asked by one of you guys if cousin Peter Provan, Norm's brother, had a nickname.
I enquired and it was just Pete.


First Grade
Why? Because four weeks is enough. And it appeases the masses, the media and the fans.
Remember SOO is just an exhibition game to draw in new supporters and sponsors. Plus they make over $20 million from revenue. Players earn over 30k per series.
Ask any player in the NRL if they would like to play this exhibition game.
They would all say yes for the Ching Ching Cash!
Ask a rust on fan like me, would you rather watch an exhibition game or watch your team win the competition?
I know my answer….DRAGONS FOREVER!!
Piss this SOO Exhibition off to USA and play it in the off season.
My initial question response Yes. Appease the masses
Hmmm interesting
Did they not try the Vegas origin or America origin thing
Not sure it works there?
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I posted much the same thing before seeing your comment. Maybe with the women's game now also being a 3 game series, the recurring of certain events will become even more pronounced for those who still think it's all just a long series of coincidences...
So men's SOO 3 was sold out last week. That doesn't work.