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Team list Tuesday vs Bunnies | 8pm Friday 6 August, 2021


Gutho blew his stack at Opacic because Opa did something he didn't need to do and escorted a Rooster off the kick chase when Gutho had the ball comfortably covered. Dumb and unnecessary play by Opacic and deserved of a spray IMO. It is those sort of dumb plays that make us look like a dumb football team.
Similarly to how when we get a 6 again we seem to think we need to score off that play and take stupid options, like pushing the pass or offload. Everyone of our players is guilty of this.

Agree. It was an idiot f**ken play. Can’t expect to be competitive if idiot players keep losing their f**ken heads and do dumb shit like that.

I've said way worse to friends for way less and I'm still friends with those people. Heat of the moment, normal language that is used these days as well that people like to get upset about......Opacic knows how much he f**ked up and I bet he forgot about it the next play that happened.

emjaycee addresses the bigger issue within the team and that is thinking they need to score off every play rather than setting up for something and actually building pressure.

Funny thing for me is that we have all these people whinging how soft the game is now and they're not as tough as they used to be and they should bring back spear tackles, high tackles and general dirty play but someone calls someone a merkin and we should worry about their feelings!


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f**k me, anyone seen Gutho's new hair cut

looks like he has a dick growing out the back of his head


If we control the ball our defence won't be such a problem.

Souths have played since us -

Knights (when missing everyone)

That's the bottom 7 clubs.How good has their form actualy been ?

If I can get closer to 4s I'm all over it. I think you've done your bread tbh.


Post Whore
We will miss RCG heaps. He would have been handy getting ontop of souths pack.

Id be tempted to put Papalii back to the bench for a while and get impact out of him in the middle .... it would also lower his minutes and hopefully freshen him (tho id want him to be a mad merkin up the guts while he is on) .... maybe give carty the edge job (tho he might not last the game) or niukore


First Grade
Parramatta is expected to suffer another huge injury blow with Blake Ferguson unlikely to play against South Sydney on Friday night.

With the Eels fighting to keep their top four spot they have already lost prop Reagan Campbell-Gillard to a groin injury.

Now it is believed Ferguson has picked up a calf injury that will rule him out.

Young outside back Haze Dunster is the 18th man and would be the likely player to come in if Ferguson does not play.

Ferguson suffered a nasty head cut last round in the loss to the Roosters.

Ferguson has only been back in the top grade for two matches after being axed to NSW Cup earlier in the season.

The Eels are expecting star half Mitchell Moses to return from a serious back injury that has sidelined him since State of Origin III.

Not a big loss imo…


Blake Ferguson is likely to ruled out of Friday's Eels v Rabbitohs clash.
After only 2 games back in the top grade since being dumped to NSW Cup following the Eels last outing against Souths, it is clear coach Bea has no confidence that Fergo can stop the Bunnies left-edge attack (the most lethal in 2021).

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