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Team list Tuesday - Week 1 finals Eels v Knights | Sunday 4pm

Hang on I replied to a ping in the Rumours thread about the old 'contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on' gag. My post referred to the general trend (in the population, this forum and yes your are one example of that) of privileging evidence from Youtube/social media etc over years of experience/education without critical analysis. And that trend is worth a regular ribbing in my opinion. Then you butt in telling me not to read the COVID thread. I wasn't! I was replying to a ping in the Rumours thread, didn't mention you and was not referring to you in particular. You are the person who decided that the post was about you specifically.

Thanks for the advice on taking a break. Over and out. Better things to do I guess.
I never claimed that it was solely directed at me, nor does that matter. I was included. So claiming that I was butting in is nonsense. And you have previously stated that I am the reason you don't visit the forum much, so telling you not to read the covid thread if it upsets you so much was just a practical suggestion, not an accusation. And when someone sneeringly refers to me as 'the real forum hero' then that annoys me, and rightly so I think.

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