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Team list Tuesday - Week 1 finals Eels v Knights | Sunday 4pm


So does this mean that, barring injuries, Matto doesn't play again this year? If he needs game time, then put him on the bench against Newcastle, surely. If we suddenly need him against South's (or in the next game?) he will be completely useless. I think there's more to this.


I don't mind his explanation but at the same contradictory re:Matto and RCG.
In saying all that Nuikore deserves his spot and straightens our attack on that right side and I feel is much more of a handful and dangerous than Matto. His power runs can skittle defenders.
RCG inclusion is a no brainer.
Cmon you Eels. Pumped and its just over 24 hours to go before kickoff..Wish we were playing today.
Marata needs to develop an offload. His defender skittling power runs would be so much better for it. Matto at least has a decent offload.


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Team list updated with 24hrs to go.
Matto and Jarthur drop off. Kaufusi and Opacic remain on extended bench. Very interesting.
Not really, considering 2 of the benches can play edge (papa/Cartwright), you probably want a middle to be in the game squad.

Thus replacing an edge wouId be easy, but losing a prop wouId really hurt, if we couldn’t bring another in.
So Matterson isn't quite ready yet or isn't training the house down enough to earn a spot on the bench this week? Though I'd like him to be available for the 17 next week, if we make it through.

Still think we only need one of Smith or Cartwright on the bench if Stone is starting at 9, and on form I'd go with Smith. If we were playing a pack we were worried about I'd swap in Kaufusi to the bench, but maybe it'll be ok to give Bryce what might be his last game of the season this week?


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We’ve previously criticised BA for not making tough calls and having conviction in his decisions. Whilst I believe our best team has Matto in the 13, you have to applaud BA for making a call to leave out a fit and able rep quality player from a finals game. He clearly has a plan and Matto doesn’t fit in for this game.

I have no doubt Matto is back next week if we’re still around. Our defence will need to be much more resilient against Souths than it will against Newcastle.


Has Joey lussick injury forced matto out.

Due to the reshuffle and having to have will smith on the bench as genuine cover.

Ray Stone at 9 is my concern. Not much we can do about it they are all injured. But going into a semi final without a dummy half is fraught with danger


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Or against Penrith for that matter.
Better outcome imo.
In my mind Penrith & storm are more beatable than Souths and manly based in our teams strengths and game plan

hopefully the confidence that would come with winning 3 finals would mean facing Souths/manly in the big dance would negate somewhat the recent dominance they have over us
You mock me, and others, and when you get a reply that's more respectful than your post deserved you insult me again. And you're the one trying to claim the moral high ground because I have a different opinion. Maybe you should take a break.

Hang on I replied to a ping in the Rumours thread about the old 'contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on' gag. My post referred to the general trend (in the population, this forum and yes your are one example of that) of privileging evidence from Youtube/social media etc over years of experience/education without critical analysis. And that trend is worth a regular ribbing in my opinion. Then you butt in telling me not to read the COVID thread. I wasn't! I was replying to a ping in the Rumours thread, didn't mention you and was not referring to you in particular. You are the person who decided that the post was about you specifically.

Thanks for the advice on taking a break. Over and out. Better things to do I guess.