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Team v Titans

Pending possible injuries / suspensions will make this team interesting vs Titans.

01. CNK
02. Kosi (DWZ, possible suspension)
03. RTS (Berry injured, wearing a sling)
04. Pompey (Webby said he's not too bad after posssible injury)
05. Monty
06. CHT (TMM possible suspension)
07. SJ
08. AFB
09. Egan
10. Ford
11. Barnett (vc)
12. Niukore
13. Harris (c)

14. Walker
15. Tevaga
16. Afoa
17. Capewell

18. Ale
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It’ll be the same team with RTS in for berry.

I doubt we will have a Suspension.
Not Kosi. I would take anyone else but him.
Who would you have if we have no DWZ and Berry?

I was thinking placing RTS on the wing and bringing back the young lad MGT back into the foray.
Webby tends to go for experienced players hence I selected Kosi.
I actually feel for Kosi for the amount of shit he gets on here.


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I think DWZ will probably go for a week.

1- Nicoll-Klokstad
2- Montoya
3- Graham-Taufa
4- Pompey
5- Tuivasa-Sheck
6- Harris-Tavita
7- Martin
8- Fonua-Blake
9- Egan
10- Afoa
11- Ford
12- Niukore
13- Walker

Res- Harris, Tevaga, Ale, Johnson
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Based on Barnett and Capewell being on Origin duty, DWZ taking the 1 match ban, and Pompey being available:

1. CNK
2. Montoya
3. Pompey
4. RTS
5. Kosi
6. TMM
7. SJ
8. AFB
9. Egan
10. Afoa
11. Niukore
12. Ford
13. Harris

14. Walker
15. Tevaga
16. CHT
17. Ale

Assuming RTS is a straight swap for Berry, be interesting if switching to the right helps or hinders him.


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Hard to believe Capewell is in QLD's best XVII but there you go.

I think he ticks some boxes because he covers centre. I reckon he would have been there ahead of Cobbo in game 1 if he was fit.

Harder to believe Cobbo is behind Holmes and Taulagi


Warriors are now behind the 8 ball for the rest of the regular season here on out.
I dunno about that.

While we have not had our best start to set us up and are realistically looking at a battle for the eight rather than top four, it is unrealistic to hedge your bets on us winning against the top club in the comp to save out season.

Put it this way, when doing the Ladder predictor I would not count on a win over team one the Melbourne Storm to get you where you want to be.

There is no reason the Warriors cannot pick themselves up from a loss against the best and go on and belt everyone in between.

Might be too soon for some to hear talk like that from me. But heck, consider our C team beat top four teams and the Panthers etc. With those types of results the Warriors should just move on from the frustrating Storm loss, ignore what one game means in a season, and try to rediscover the attitude that beat Penrith and the Dolphins.

This time last year the main criticism of the Warriors was that they were not beating top four sides.

This year they are. This year has only been a failure thanks to internal problems likely driven by player issues like the AFB affair. Webster is way too smart to let that bury our top eight chances, after all he is the guy who dug us out of the slump with crazy moves like CNK in the halves.

When `you Look back on the Storm game, Ï see an in form Warriors belting them from the kick off, followed by a cluster fug of individual performances and gaps in the defence likely related to the return of players which upset our recent cohesion.

I think it is fair to say that there is a serious communication issue with Shaun Johnson (little wonder since he has not been training with the spine all year and he is a lone wolf that basically plays on auto pilot on the fifth tackle where he usually expects the ball and bombs it) so yeah there is a timing issue, and a cohesion issue.

Let me be clear, I am not writing off Johnson one little bit, just saying that this weeks game saw TMM take the seven role, and SJ struggle to keep up with the bullet passing that TMM and Walker used to beat the Panthers.

I just think we have a serious team in all honesty that is having major issues with knitting the game together for eighty minutes. I think that when they do find cohesion both sides of the ball that they will be one of the best sides in the comp.

In the mean time, while we are frustratingly giving up great starts etc, us fans need to bite down hard and suck it up till the Webmeister works it out.

I truly believe that if Webster can make SJ and TMM click, with RTS, that the Warriors will be the type of side that is the first to win a GF from last place in the finals.
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