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The All New Declared Idiot Thread

Special K

Gee that's 8 years ago now!

Wonder if anyone has died. Probably
Still valid.

This place is wild. I joined here in high school. I think I knew 1-2 other sharks fans in real life where I lived. I’m now about to hit mid 30’s. Married. A dad. Home owner, a few minutes from shark park. I’ve seen us win a comp.

I wouldn’t of believed any of that when I declared my idiotism if you had told me this is where I’d be in 2021. Especially if you told me what houses would f**king cost now 😂.
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Go Nulla

I will ask again. What’s your problem?

I was simply pointing out he made a mistake as you were still here.
My problem is that I don’t like people that have been here for 5 minutes thinking that they run the joint. Is that good enough for you?

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