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The Rumours Thread


Are there any rumours floating around out there about the Dragons making a play for TPJ? Surely Hook could get the best out of him.


And with Finucane a few clubs after him with more money
But Bellamy really wanted to keep him.. so that is the end of it, all they had to do was wriggle around their cap a bit he said +
Dale no doubt likes a winning culture so why would not Melb be in the box seat


Old Timer

I think they'd need a fullback with a solid kicking game to accommodate Bird in the halves. I'm not sure we'd get the best of Hunt lumping majority of the kicking duties onto him, and I'm not sure the balance would be right with two 'running' halves and an inexperienced fullback.

Not saying I like it, but I could see their position on retaining Norman (I realise they went in another direction) or them looking at bringing in Milford on account of their kicking games.

Can we afford to carry two inexperienced juniors in crucial spine positions next year?
You summed it up very nicely.

Hunt is far better with less things to worry about especially kicking in general play.

He has shown clearly that if he / the team have options other than him then he becomes a far better option himself.


Amone, looks like a good 5/8, to me. Milford is a fullback. Also could mentor our
Young guys(fullbacks) coming through.
Nice looking Spine to me.

Forbes Creek Dragons

First Grade
Sounds like the Warriors are scared about the next game against the Dragons
Bolstering up their stocks for the game with DWZ and probably Townsend
I’m scared of them, so much for the signings we were going to make with Merrin’s Money. With Rava out for a month I’d seriously consider going to market for a mid season winger to replace JP as our backup. Someone that would put pressure on the incumbents though.


Who is this rep forward we were supposed to be signing about a month ago? Anyone able to spill the beans on that one. Apparently mentioned on JA forum but I'm not special enough to join in on that one.

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