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The Rumours Thread

Overseas dragon

Lachlan Timm last weekend 197 running metres 9 tackles busted and 35 tackles no missed why the hell did we let him go I would like to know


THAT is a real mystery. There is obviously a bad backstory here as no other club has picked him up as well. Would love to know.
Lochie's mystery is, there was no Q cup played in 2020 in comparison to NSW RL & I think he suffered a few injuries & concussion last year 2021. He always showed more speed & mobility than Lawrie. FMD


First Grade
Crazy rumours going around

Tyrell Sloan wants out

and Bulldogs want Sullivan in player swap with Kyle Flanagan 😂😂
I am sure all those rumours have traction, especially where they come from.
Not surprising of the timing because Sloan is not playing 1st grade :rolleyes:
But the 2nd one, well the rumours is Gus is looking for a halfback so someone has put 2 and 2 together.
But the other rumour is Gus is looking at a very experienced halfback currently north of Belmore


First Grade

I think he will be Roosters bound.
Agree D.D , the rorters have more than likely had their claws in him for some time now , in fact they begin their player acquisition process months in advance , possibly even longer .

Out with the old top line buys and in with the new top line buys and all done under the shade of that huge damn sombrero .21239E94-7A12-43C9-9689-C552415FE145.jpeg