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TLT vs Warriors round 1


The Bros have a few out so who knows.

Anyhow I have checked with old mate. No Monte Carlos in just yet and the Ginger Nuts have been in the jar since the end of last season.

Me and me teef will be steering clear of the Ginger Nuts.
I guess I'm looking forward to the halves combo of Tricky and Hynes and seeing that develop. I still think Dykes is an exciting prospect this year and Tuku the monster, maybe. The whole squad needs to step up a notch this year.

Surprised it's sold out over there. It's 3pm on a Friday arvo. 5pm in Qld which means early beers :D
It'll be 8pm in Auckland
Early beers indeed!!! hahaha


First Grade
Prime time NZ kick off, place will be packed. Tough night ahead for us, need to silence the crowd early. I do like the Wahs though.

2012....Sharks Year

First Grade
Bit of an unknown outcome in this game as far as I'm concerned. Could win a close contest or could get a touch up if we start badly. We don't play well when were behind so the first 15-20 mins is crucial imo. If AFB was playing for us rather than them we'd win comfortably.

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