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Trial game: Eels v Dragons Thurs 18/2/2021 ->@ 5:30pm<- AEST


Or you could answer my question? In what sense was this first grade? It was a restricted trial. Most of our NRL players were ineligible. And your argument was premised on the fact that this was first grade.

I wouldn’t bother asking. He comes out with some of the most idiotic comments you’ll see on this forum.

84 Baby

That trial game had our best pack on the park for 2021?

T.S Quint

I’ve got a social media page for all things rugby league, and here’s how I summed up the trial game...

Eels 28 Dragons 6

In a match that was dominated by defense early on, the Dragons dominated field position for much of the first 20 minute period, however lacking the creativity to score points from it.
Parra came out in the second 20 of the first half and really dominated the game! With Will Smith really dominating this period.
Papalii was a standout for the first half, some really strong runs and Opacic looks a good chance of getting the vacant centre position. The downside was an injury to Michael Oldfield to his knee which was already strapped, we hope it’s ok.
The second half the Eels dominated from start to finish, in a worrying sign for the Dragons they didn’t look like they wanted to come out of the sheds.
The dragons has some really poor handling errors and extremely poor discipline which is sure Griffin wouldn’t be happy with seeing.
The second half Jordan Rankin was in complete control for the Eels and looked a class above out on the field!
In a bizarre finish, the game finished 11 minutes early with both coaches seemingly seen enough.
Some positives for the Eels to take out of that one with some really strong individual performances, and some kids showing they aren’t far off first grade.
The Dragons look very much off, yes it was a trial, but the basics just were not done from about the 20 minute period and onwards.

Not a bad effort, but you’ve used the word ‘dominated’ about a hundred times. You use it four times in the opening paragraph.
Thesaurus.com is your friend.

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Not a bad effort, but you’ve used the word ‘dominated’ about a hundred times. You use it four times in the opening paragraph.
Thesaurus.com is your friend.
I was bothered by the five instances of 'really' and barely noticed all the dominating. Probably because I read the article while wearing a ball gag. Otherwise I generally agreed with Joely01's take on the game.

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