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Trial game: Eels v Dragons Thurs 18/2/2021 ->@ 5:30pm<- AEST



we dont even know if he is slow, you are comparing an 18 yo to mature aged players in the Drags squad

he scored a long range try in the schoolboys final last year, so he seemed to have enough speed when comparing him to his peers

but carry on

I never said he was slow. I said if he is put a line through him......Halves need to be fast


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He is certainly fast enough and has a good step with nice acceleration also.
I have not watched Arthur. I am not the one claiming he is slow or how slow. But if he is then I doubt he would cut it.

Chin boy has all fooled.



Not a bad effort, but you’ve used the word ‘dominated’ about a hundred times. You use it four times in the opening paragraph.
Thesaurus.com is your friend.

Yeah my bad, I was pretty under the weather last night either he flu! Definitely could’ve explained it better

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He is certainly fast enough and has a good step with nice acceleration also.
I have not watched Arthur. I am not the one claiming he is slow or how slow. But if he is then I doubt he would cut it.
Lol “I’ve only seen photos of him and he looks slow in them”
Chinry isn’t fast, Munster isn’t fast, speed isn’t everything for a half

Happy MEel

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I didn't think much of him from what I saw anyway. Typical late 20's journeyman.

The other merkin, Jordan Rankin, showed that he could fill in if we had a bunch of broken legs.
I actually thought Dunster was the best outside back on the field.


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I don't have time to read the thread, can someone please confirm that there were plenty of posts about Penisini and penetration etc.


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Anyone else think the 2021 Eels side is the best set of forwards we’ve had in the last 15-16 years?

Certainly! Not since 2005 have we had a forward pack like that.

I think other than the Centre/Winger positions, we are 7/10 in every position.

If the trial showed anything, I think it's that we even have a handy second squad if we need it.


He is a bit away from FG and like most kids will probably get a few biff n bash injuries along the way.

Moses is off contract for 2022 already and has a player option for 2022. My guess is that we'd want Moses to hang around for a while yet, but we' not want to give him the 4 year extension that he'd be after.

There's a few big decisions for the recruitment team to make shortly.

You raise an interesting point in regards to Mitchell Moses and recruitment surrounding that.

My biggest concern with Moses is that he has played a lot of First grade whilst not consistently taking it to the next level. He has all the skills to be individually brilliant; although I feel he lacks the interest and self development to get the best out of his team mates. Moses' stature in this side requires him to be consistent and to be a leader as a responsibility whether we/Moses likes it or not.

If Moses wants a big contract extension at Parra he needs to take on more responsibility and further develop his communication skills (not just when it suits him).

You are completely right about JA he is most certainly a long time off FG.

JA showed a lot of characteristics, skills and maturity that you don't always see in established NRL players or any professional in general. It is way too early to get excited, but it was definitely promising and great to watch.


Enjoyed the trial. What struck me was that the young players look well drilled, knew their roles and played to plan. I didn't see anyone who disappointed. To me Arthur is a Cleary clone except for the goal kicking.

I hope Oldfield is ok.


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JA showed to me he is a future first grader and not that far away from being good enough to play first grade.

He needs another off season and to bulk up some more but he didn’t shirk it all in defence.

He’s probably 18 months away but it’s amazing how young blokes can improve over an off season.

84 Baby

I think Jrthur will be an average (the good kind) 1st grader but that might be perfectly timed for us that we won’t be held to ransom by Moses, Drown or Jrthur or even Brthur for that matter once contracts/need to play 1st grade come due.

edit - I think Dunster is the same
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