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Trial game: Sat 27 Feb | Eels v Panthers: 7.30pm (AEDT) at Panthers Stadium


Last season we played 11 games that where flip of coins. Games won by less then a try. Not comfortable or dominant wins. We won 8 of those. It is a very high amount.
We won 6 games in a comfortable way.

Titans, Broncs x 2,cowboys,Tigers and Storm (With 8 players out)

Our games against STORM & SOUTHS in finals we lost by double digits.
Panthers pummelled us 20-2 at the business end. Souths hammered them 38-0 and Rooster best us 24-10.

Our best win was against Panthers early on before they got going imo.

Sides like the dogs who we beat twice in strong arm wrestles have improved. Tigers who pushed us have also. And the Titans will also be a force.
I'm surprised nobody has picked up on this. 2020 was sugar coated . We never beat anyone good.. And I think there could be signs for a disaster season.
Our saving grace however is - FERGO,BLAKE,SIVO,BROWN,MOSES where far below what capable of. I can't see any of them playing as poorly again. So if we where able to manage close wins with some great talented players going like busted then there is hope. We where clunky all season.

Meanwhile over on the Panfers forum, Hindy111 has announced with great excitement that he is the other half of the Kurt Capewell video.