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Welcome Back Luciano


Flanno did say they will no longer be the whipping boys anymore. I am assuming he got sick of Saints copping the raw end of the deal all these years with the previous guys just letting it happen. Flanno will go off deluxe I feel if there are clear and obvious bad bunker/ref calls. Lets wait and see.
Gallen has said that Flanno gives the best sprays and I have also seen Flanno give it to the Refs and his own players during PC's. Maybe we wont see it because he has probably matured, we will see, but I am now still awake at the end of Flanno's first PC, unlike the previous :)


First Grade
I had no idea he was that 'big', I dont know how big he is supposed to be.. hes obviously pretty wide naturally anyway.. that changes my perspective on what to do with him.. cause hes clearly not going to play 80.. and that could take half a season to work off the bodyfat.. im just glad its Flannos problem.. I honestly think the data will tell them what they need, heart rates and workloads and missed tackles and etc etc..