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What are your favourite rugby league images ?



While Fitler went God mode in the second half of that game the Rosters were only Luke Phillips playing the game of his life from losing in a blow out grand final.

It would have been interesting to see Johns take on a prime Broncos in a GF.
This (along with a Raiders v Broncos GF in '93) was sadly a match-up we never got to see.

At the time it'd been 20 years since the Roosters had made a decider. If only those days could come back...
I hate the shire and everyone in it 😁

I’ve got a friend who lives there with the same view. I think he hates himself too.

If it was legal, he’d buy a gun and shoot shire resident tradies driving past his house in the shire for entertainment.

He owns an Audi A5. It breaks down a lot for a nice car. He hates it as well.

Says the engineers were pissed when they designed the engine.
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