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What To Do With Wade?


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Sharks have completely changed how their edge backrow play the game (in line with broader NRL trends), and that doesn't match with Wade's game. Backrow are much more line running players that need to explode into the gaps. Graham is probably better suited to the middle now, with him being a better passing option than Dale, Tolman, etc.

I suggested in another thread, I think he should be given a 1-year deal and tapped on the shoulder like Andy was. Let him be a bench player, be as impactful as he can, and then come off the field. He isn't a 60-80 minute player anymore.
I'd be surprised if they sign him, he will get better offers elsewhere.
hmmmmm in Australia with concussion history? I Love the guy ( in a very masculine fan type of way!) But he might find it very difficult to get offers in Aus. Hope his wife has been good teacher of French . Parley vous Francey ???? He suffered a bit playing for Sharks during ASADA BS and other media darlings in other clubs getting accolades when he was obviously better player. Just hope sharks find a way to send him out respectfully and honourably as he deserves. One of the Sharks ALL TIME GREATS
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If he was going to leave he woulda got a farewell. He is staying I’d be flabbergasted if he didn’t.
Ahhhh Wade . Much Man love!!! from day he came to sharks, Way he handled ASADA BS, led by example, Tough as nails ,Skill set to match, Top notch footbrawl brain , Never whinged (to my knowledge )about lesser players getting rated higher. This year has been painfull . Would be even more painfull to see him play on as shadow of former self and risk more concussions. Hope Sharkies can do right thing by him without endangering his health and his legacy.


Minimum wage, at absolute best, and only in the 17 when we’re low on numbers.

He’s too slow, weak, and ploddy for back row, and unfortunately too brittle for the middle. A ball playing 13 still has to be a threat of making the hard yards first and foremost, otherwise everything off him will be telegraphed.

It’s sad, but in todays NRL, there’s no role for a player with his current physical attributes. The game has well and truly passed him by. He’s not got the speed or explosive strength required for back row or 13, and unfortunately, even his basic pass/kick skill levels are not what they once were. He’s an absolute passenger.

Love everything he’s done for our club, 2016 will be forever with us, even his staunch role throughout ASADA, he was a leader amongst men, but it’s done, finished, if the club can’t make the hard call, he should hang up the boots out of self respect. I don’t even think there’s a role for him in Super League if I’m really honest. He’s just no threat, in attack or defence.

Tiger Shark

I'd be surprised if they sign him, he will get better offers elsewhere.

You really think he'll get bette offers elsewhere ? I don't, ok maybe in another country, but not here. If any club was keen on him we'd know imo.

I think the reality is if we weren't keeping him on he'd have had a farewell like Fifita did.

Of course there might be a scenario where no decision has been made but I get the feeling with the stuff a month or so ago about taking a one year deal that we'll hear about that soon enough.

I dont agree with it and feel he's more a liability and gets in the way more than not, especially with Tieg and Talakai who can both do a better job.

Maybe we can offer him a really low deal and he'll just not want to take it up.
I'd give him another year.
Give him a crack at 13 and if that doesn't work out drop him back to the bench with view to retirement.
wonder how much his head knocks have played on his mind also.


I'd give him another year.
Give him a crack at 13 and if that doesn't work out drop him back to the bench with view to retirement.
wonder how much his head knocks have played on his mind also.

I'm not against the notion but I do wonder if he has the speed for the role if people think he can be a Radley, Murray, Yeo type.


He wouldn't need to be an exact copy of those guys to contribute.

Gee whiz he's been off his game in recent times though.

I hope he can shake the malaise but it's seeming less likely every game



Wade recognised with prestigious RLPA award

Sharks skipper Wade Graham has been announced as the recipient of the Rugby League Players Association’s (RLPA) Dennis Tutty Award for 2022.

Awarded annually to a current rugby league player who has demonstrated outstanding leadership on and off the field, a commitment to fellow players and to the advancement and protection of their rights, while also recognising service and dedication to the game of rugby league, Graham was named the 2022 Tutty award winner alongside Knights NRLW player Hannah Southwell.

Graham began his RLPA involvement as a Sharks Delegate and then a member of the Player Advisory Group, before his appointment to the RLPA Board in May, 2019.

Clint Newton, the Chief Executive Officer of the RLPA, praised Wade’s commitment and the amount of work he has fulfilled this year on behalf of the NRL playing group.

“Throughout 2022, Wade has been outstanding for the players and the Association, which only adds to the years of work he has already committed to the RLPA as a Delegate, PAG member and Board Director,” Newton said.

“When you're a young CEO you need strong and loyal support to help you through difficult times, and Wade has most certainly provided this for me without hesitation. He attends many important meetings within the Association, either as a Board member or Player Advisory Group member, and has led from the front during critical negotiations with the NRL throughout the year to advocate on behalf of players.

“In particular, Wade was incredibly influential in the roll-back of the restrictive COVID protocols NRL and NRLW players were facing in January, in working with the Association to negotiate the players’ share of outperformance, and now as we get to the table with the NRL to negotiate our joint-CBA.

“On top of all these commitments, Wade is one of the first players to put his hand up to speak in the media, which shows incredible courage to speak up on behalf of all players to ensure their collective voices are heard,” Newton added.

The 2022 Dennis Tutty Award nominees from the NRLW competition were Chelsea Lenarduzzi, Southwell and Simaima Taufa, and from the NRL competition the nominees were Kurt Capewell, Graham and Josh Hodgson.

Past winners of the Dennis Tutty Award:

▪ 2022 Hannah Southwell (NRLW)

▪ 2022 Wade Graham (NRL)

▪ 2021 Ali Brigginshaw (NRLW)

▪ 2021 Christian Welch (NRL)

▪ 2020 Blake Green

▪ 2019 David Gower

▪ 2018 Jason Nightingale

▪ 2017 James Maloney

▪ 2016 Dene Halatau

▪ 2015Tom Symonds

▪ 2014 Nate Myles

▪ 2013 Clint Newton

▪ 2012 Robbie Farah

▪ 2011 Andrew Ryan

▪ 2010 Petero Civoniceva

▪ 2009 Michael Gordon

▪ 2008 Jason King

About Dennis Tutty
Dennis Tutty played rugby league long before the days of full-time professionalism. Before colour TV, Tina Turner and the NRL. When players played almost exclusively for their local clubs and, first and foremost, for their love of the game. Unfortunately, in this romanticised era of rugby league, where the greats of Arthur Beetson and Ron Coote made their names, player rights were often a passing thought for the game’s administrators.

Dennis’ actions in challenging the NSWRL’s transfer system in 1968, at great personal sacrifice, were not only pivotal in the emergence of a player’s rights movement but paved the way for the professionals of today.

The RLPA will ensure that Dennis’s legacy is never forgotten, and all players are reminded of the benefits his sacrifices provide them.