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Zac Lomax


The thing that is funny about the Mole's comments are "The fact he has been so vocal about wanting out for months also caused some angst with team-mates". What about the Capt? He started this wanting out last year as soon as Hook was hooked.

The boys I feel look much happier this year than the last few years. I also do no remember any Sharks players during Flanno's tenure having a bad word about the coach or wanting out? If anything they loved the guy and he is still highly regarded by the Club. I have a mate who actually is a sponsor of the club and tells me how highly they think of him. He left the Sharks as a finals team and they still are making finals years later. You even hear Gallen, Ennis etc often talk about the Flanno days and how good he was as a coach.
I know a good mate related to one of the up and coming manly boys. He said that he thinks the world of Flanno and said he's one of the best coaches he's ever had



Zac Lomax breaks silence after signing with Parramatta Eels, ends early Dragons exit whispers​

NRL: Zac Lomax will line up in his preferred position of centre for the Dragons, following his big signing news with the Eels for 2025
St George Illawarra star Zac Lomax has spoken publicly for the first time since signing with Parramatta, declaring he was “focused and determined” to play out this season with the Dragons.
Lomax formally signed a four-year deal with Parramatta on Tuesday, starting from 2025.
There had been suggestions Lomax would seek an immediate release to join the Eels but the Saints winger quickly shut down that speculation.
“Thanks to everyone for their messages of encouragement and support in recent times,” Lomax posted on social media.
“(My) future is now sorted.
“I am 100 per cent focused on continuing to do my absolute best for the Dragons, our supporters and my teammates.
“I am determined to play my part in the club doing our best this season.”
The Eels made the deal official on Tuesday morning, releasing a short statement: “Out of respect for Zac’s current club, we will not be providing further comment until he joins the Parramatta Eels in 2025.”
Zac Lomax has posted on Instagram following his signing with Parramatta. Credit: Instagram.

Zac Lomax has posted on Instagram following his signing with Parramatta. Credit: Instagram.
In the media release, Parramatta CEO Jim Sarantinos spoke of his club’s excitement at aligning Lomax.

“Zac is a great talent and we’re confident he will be an invaluable addition to our team,” Sarantinos said.
“He complements our existing playing squad, and with almost 100 NRL games to his name since his debut in 2018, his experience will help the strong group of young players coming through our pathways system.
“We very much look forward to welcoming Zac and his family to our club in 2025, but right now, season 2024 is our focus.‘’
So whats so informative about this article, he's just telling us what has happened not why he's leaving. Yet the headline reads, breaks his silence, he should have broke it months ago.


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If Lomax was part of the bad culture he would not have demanded 6 releases. Saints would have gladly let him go last year as soon as he asked for a release and gone hard to bring in Bradman Best who was negotiating with the Knights.
I really hope there is no culture issue as the boys do look much happier on the field these days.

Here is a thought, Lomax is from Temora, Barrett the assistant coach of Parra is a Temora boy and possibly had some sway to bring him over. If Brad gets the boot which is quite possible Baz may be the next in line. Baz getting his roster ready for 2025. Ahh, yet right, as if Parra would get Baz in for Arthur. I am sure they would get a high profile coach to replace him like Wayne Bennett. Which may also be why Zac is moving.
I figure Zac is getting a lift to training from Trent
So whats so informative about this article, he's just telling us what has happened not why he's leaving. Yet the headline reads, breaks his silence, he should have broke it months ago.
Yeah, I was hoping for new issue/s.

As for the overwhelming “messages of support”, if the dragons rank and file here are a measure, I wouldn’t want to go into an election with that % approval rating.

I don’t know anyone in the real world that supports him, even on wt private forums, no one rallying to his cause.

Not out of hatred but because SGI is a chance of a jagging a Cinderella story and people like an underdog. Hes just not on fully on board, whether he’s the next Immortal or not.

7th place factoring in a bye, that’s what SGI powerbrokers would be quietly very content with at the moment.

Poor young Bud is copping it. I’m doing my best for him!
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After tonight’s performance against the Warriors does Lomax get a cooling off period with his Parra contract? If so should Flanno sit him down ask him what it will take for him to back flip on the deal. If it is as reported he can’t box because of insurance issues find a way round it other clubs manage it. His form so far this year puts him up there with the best players in the NRL. Obviously Flanno knows how to get the best out of him. There is also a chance he may go back to his old form under Brad Arthur’s coaching and I think we are building well and Parra’s window of opportunity for a premiership is rapidly fading.
how the hel did we let lomax go .......cant understand it
You didn’t let him go, he insisted on leaving.

The only rational conclusion to be drawn is that he doesnt see eye to eye with Flanno and this wretched boxing lurk he’s into.

But Flannos getting the results with more or less, another coaches team.

A roster that even Dell predicted would come last this season.

Flanno > Zac any day of the week for mine.

And Zac had a great game, acknowledged and appreciated, sure.

3rd on the table including the bye.

Golden days.
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