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Discussion in 'St George Illawarra Dragons' started by jeffdragon, Jul 16, 2017.

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    I for one have to admit i saw this rot happening, the same thing happened in 2015 and i was quick to start a thread after the Tigers game.

    I dont mind the team going through a purple patch midway through the year, the origin is a stain on the game and it kills teams seasons. Its what we do after origin (now) that counts.

    Theres no excuses from here on in, Dugan & Frizzell were busted, JDB hasnt had a break (although didnt play origin was in camp) his calf isnt 100% and in the middle he is the heart of the team.

    This game against Manly can make or break our season, if we can somehow click into form we could make a run in the finals.
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    Would be on 2 extra points if we had 2 draws
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    Thanks so much for your research. However only 6 GP games just seems way less than I would have thought so I have tried my own research. Wikipedia surprised me by having an up-to-date listing.

    Wiki's stats:

    14th out of 16 teams
    [​IMG] St. George Illawarra Dragons have played 14 GP games (before Canberra)
    4 wins
    1 draw
    9 losses (Canberra makes 10)
    winning % 32.1 (now 26%, 1% above Knights and Tigers compared to the Dogs with a 73% winning %).

    Another issue for the coaching staff to work on!
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    Ok yes thought 6 was a bit light on.....got mine from google as well sorry must have read wrong data
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    I have to be honest (and somewhat hopefull) and say that I did not see this coming.
    I genuinely thought that Mary has learned from previous mistakes and def had a plan B.
    Add in Mark Coyne s involvment sold me a notion that we had a better balance in management.
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    Melbourne have Bellamy and Broncos have Bennett. We have scored the majority of our tries on the left edge and teams have worked this out hence the muscling up on Widdop and Lafai.

    We played better in the last game but in reality you need more than a Power Game to compete over an entire season. The biggest problem is that we only have a Plan A ( this has been the case since 2014 ) and when things don't work we do not have the experience in the coaching staff to adapt our systems apart from running the same ridiculous block plays that have been predictable for the last 3 years..
    What we are seeing this year is very similar to 2015 and we have an improved squad compared to 2015.

    Asking the coach to wake up is just not going to work as after 3 years we can see what he has produced and IMHO he is not the worst coach in the NRL but his lack of experience has been there for all to see since 2014.and the club needs to bring in outside help as what we are seeing is just not working.
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    Any coach worth a peanut would have noticed the turn around after say, 10 rounds and change things around. Does Mary even watch video of the games lately.
    He would not be required to make wholesale changes.
    McDonald has obvious issues with defence and he either needed to be dropped or at the very least have Dufty come on off the bench for the last 15 minutes,
    We know Dugan is leaving and Dufty appears will be his replacement, Dufty should be given the opportunity to see how he will handle that. Put Dugan in the centers and that would strengthen defence in the centres,
    I fear that we will have to wait till the trails next season before Dufty has a chance.
    Hunts arrival is going to be great, but that only answers one problem of not having a half back this year.
    Then there is a replacement for Packer and maybe a center with some speed

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