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  1. A Forum Index

    That was me in the process of changing the site description back.
  2. A Forum Index

    Yeah its a bit of nuisance. We're on the case. Meanwhile, just click on any forum before it re-directs. From there you'll see the 'Jump to' drop down menu down the bottom of the page. This will allow you navigate the forums. Edit: as said, hitting the 'stop' button on your browser stalls it...
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    137: NFT - The Misty and Gene social thread.

    Good evening Jen. How are you tonight?
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    Greatest Ever Raiders Team - Three Quarter Bench Position

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn Kenny....
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    EA Stadium

    Pretty much. Plus One Eyebrow is a liar.
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    most successful season in premier league history

    The title says "premier league history", doesn't say anything about Champions League or FA Cup.
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    Fifa world Player of the year award

    World Soccer Magazine?
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    Captain Dread's 2004 Music Awards..

    New? Wouldn't agree with that personally. But would totally agree with that. Agree with the summation of American idiot. Great album.
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    QLD Emerging Team - Frawfilled

    Oh I FINIALLY come up with a nickname and everyone hates it.
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    Big Bad Bald Bollinger (NSW V SA)

    Huh? What I miss? Uh....Go Kat!
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    C7 used to do a lot of coverage on it. FOX has the rights but doesn't show it.
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    137: NFT - The Misty and Gene social thread.

    My chrissy shopping is over! :D
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    94: The Song Thread

    Come Together - The Beatles
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    137: NFT - The Misty and Gene social thread.

    Hi NC. What's happening tonight?
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    137: NFT - The Misty and Gene social thread.

    Sounds like you had alot of fun.