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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I will admit I’ve been as negative as any of our most dour supporters but oddly enough, atleast for today any way, I’m feeling a little spate of positivity. I think it’s just a change that’s brought about a glimmer of optimism, because I rate most of our forwards as diabolically...
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    Tariq Sims

    Gunna sound like a real a#$&h#$$e. But I remember an interview awhile back where Sims was having a real whinge at dragons supporters for what he perceived was a highly critical fan base. I remember thinking at the time, gee instead of whining about that, you along with your team mates take some...
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    Semi Final Predictions

    Maybe I’m just a Dragons tragic. Most days I find it hard to enjoy watching and especially listening to NRL. As soon as I saw that incident I thought of when Sims was suspended when his shoulder made contact with an opposition players head. Same, same, if anything Verrils was worse. I...
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    I’m not sure if he’s big enough, but than again Toovey and Langer done ok so I won’t write him off.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Just my opinion, if we sign a centre, than I think it’s better to be patient and provide opportunities for the backs you mentioned. Get your point re height but don’t see it as essential. Max and Matt at nearly 100kg (although not really tall) should have enough size and strength (as you’d...
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    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    I like this signing. For too long our backline, (with the exception of Dufty and Ravalawa close to the line) has been quite impotent. If this signing is confirmed than we now have a big body who when in form is a real attacking weapon. If he can play to his potential players around him will...
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    Yep I was thinking the same. A few ordinary kicks can really set you back and quite often determine the outcome of a game. It’s so important. You would hope that the coaches have and will continue to put aside a considerable amount of time studying/developing all aspects of Amone and...
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    Negative ONLY thread

    When u put it that way it does sound pretty negative. For me to say the best we can hope for is to scrape into the 8 (and that’s only if alot of if,s fall our way) Unfortunately as the saying goes ‘it is what it is’
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    Biggest changes needed in 2022

    This is getting ridiculous can someone just get on the phone and tell Damien we are sorry and he can come back, and do the same for Adin, Friz, Leilua, Reuben, Patrick, Jason and Drew while you’re at it
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    Negative ONLY thread

    I’m not sure how to respond to a negative only thread, because if I disagree am I in the wrong place? Anyways, I’ll do it anyway, firstly I’ll will say Ive personally been very average ( I’m sure I’m not alone) in predicting the middle and bottom placings this far out but I feel somewhat...
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    You’re talking too much sense, it’s depressing, I’m going back into my fictitious world, the one where there’s no disparity in the rosters and the Dragons are a genuine threat in 2022.
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    Very, very disappointing end of season and follows on from a season where I’ve almost lost interest in NRL. Despite the bitter disappointment of another embarrassing loss, Im still hanging in there and feel it important to search for some positives, with a glass half full mindset. I know...
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    Is Dylan Napa worth a look at?

    Redv13 “Geez that’s a tough one but we do need another big body up front. Has lost a leg since the roosters days but would be cheap and not a bad option off the bench. Not really much out there so for say 300 I’d take the risk. I’m assuming I’m in the minority in here and most will disagree...
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    Moses Mbye

    Unlike this year, I’m feeling somewhat positive about next year, or perhaps I’m just grasping at thin air, hopefully not. I guess time will tell.

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