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  • I created a new thread about the tigers today and it is not there.
    Was it deleted or should I re-post the thread.
    how about the mods do your job and ban slaters, st hammer and me for 2 weeks .. any further infringements ban for good .. yes, even though i just retaliate i'm willing to take a hit on behalf of the team if the mods are willing to get shit like threats, personal denigration etc off the forums .. i would guess for example, the forums could be closed down for allowing libelous statements eg hammer calling me a paedophile .. i'd prefer it was dealt with in house .. take a stand mods ..

    happy new year

    I requested access to the Jubilee Avenue forum almost two weeks ago. Is there a problem?
    Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
    File: /home/leagueun/public_html/forums/includes/functions_bigthree.php
    Line: 27

    Hi Godz, What doe the above mean? I get it when I click on any thread.Cheers Robert
    hi there,
    sorry i have accidentally posted the same new discussion twice. can you please remove one? thanks!
    Godz - can you please delete my thread about Manly and the 7 tackles. I didn't realise someone else had started a smiliar one earlier.

    Thank you
    hey godz .. later tonight i will post updated scores on our jubilee jubilation fantasy comp .. can you make it a "sticky" .. over 30 of us are involved.

    hi .. how come guys are being let into the forum without the minimum 20 posts ? I've noticed 2 newbies with 2 and 4 posts in the last couple of days .
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