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    Dragons Accept Criticism & Begin Work On 2017

    Hi folks, long time no see! Thought I'd poke my head in for the funeral. You're welcome to come join me here in sweet apathy, the water is fine
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    More games will lost at suburban grounds

    My wife and kid? No team dude.
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    More games will lost at suburban grounds

    "St George Illawarra" in name only. The club sold its home, its identity, its soul, for a few magic beans that will never sprout. At least I can still read books about the club I used to follow.
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    Packer Signs

    Agree with that completely. Arguing over a football team is quite silly, by comparison
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    Packer Signs

    A low point. I lost the love some time ago, but now I think I actually dislike this club.
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    Supposed "Season Review' without changes

    Worse. Anyone venturing down Park Street, on the western side of Jubilee Oval, should take a look at the The Walk of Fame pillar devoted to Ian Walsh. When he died in 2013, the thick glass casing was removed in order to update the inscription with the date of his passing. However, the glass...
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    The article was about the Warriors job. Try again genius
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    Facts? Is it a fact that Brown or Smith didn't want it? Show me the proof. What fact exactly was provided about Taylor. Who the f**k are you to label people as deathriders simply because they don't share your own (rather dull) view?
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    lol. The club lost, on a number of levels.
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    He's earnt nothing. But it's all moot and always was.
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    Good news then: you won't have to worry about minor premierships for a while
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    McGregor Appointed Full Time

    Just awful, awful news.
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    Jack Bird

    I'm losing my religion. That's me in the corner :(
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    Dragons team Vs Titans

    Wise words Will.

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