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Recent content by Ritzley

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    Junior Amone

    Being unemployed gives some people a whole lot of time to try and be clever......
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    The Rumours Thread

    He's got a touch of the Tonie Carroll's about him hasn't he - could definitely see him in the middle making a few opponents look up before receiving a pass.....
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    Great Club Cronulla - Aren't They?

    At least their football team looks like it wants to compete not like our bunch of pea hearts.
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    Interesting Observation

    Typical - cops turn up waaaay after the crime's been committed..................
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    Russell Crowe - It's what we're all thinking

    Surely no-one coming is 1/2 on with bookies refusing to take bets.......
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    Russell Crowe - It's what we're all thinking

    Lol yeah that might help....
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    Russell Crowe - It's what we're all thinking

    Glad someone of some profile has got the balls to make a public statement: ‘It’s not a cap, it’s a sombrero!’: Crowe breaks silence on Suaalii with thinly-veiled Roosters swipe
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    The Rumours Thread

    I used to work on Hamilton Road leading up to the racecourse entry gates - it was great sport to watch all the finery and snootiness traipsing up the road the morning of a major meeting, and the absolute disgraces coming back the same way later in the afternoon. I think it's the norm on any...
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    The Rumours Thread

    f**k I'd laugh if it was Kevvie Walters - Langer and a few others are mad keen for the punt and the booze (heard a few interesting stories back in the day when I had a friend working at Eagle Farm).
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    New Dragon Fan Favourite

    I'm keen to see how much Lomax and Kerr have improved by being in the origin bubble.
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    The Rumours Thread

    I think we're in the same age group Gareth and my missus keeps reminding me the "the big dog just ain't the big dog anymore - more like a pug".......
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    One to watch: Jason Saab

    Sorry possm not having a go at all but every time I see a statement like that I immediately think of Garrick Morgan at the Crushers - an absolute beast of a human that hit like a powder puff..
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    Best and worst commentator?

    Like Andrew Moore - tells it like it is and absolutely gave it to the Dragons today about the way Frizz had been coached to play the last two seasons.