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Oct 26, 2015
Sep 8, 2005
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Oct 26, 2015
    1. dubopov
      Hey Steel .. don't forget to sort out your Fantasy team ..
    2. hornbyslilhottie24
      liam, dont butt in haha - and i woulda gone to the club, but dad wouldnt have wanted to
    3. Steel Dragon
      Steel Dragon
      Yeah, made it home alive - though slightly wet! Did some shopping at hurst and got rained on at one of the train stations.

      At the moment I have the 99 jersey framed and sitting in the dining room, and I have the 95 Steelers framed and in my room. Others i have in storage, others still need framing.
    4. W.B.2.S.O.S
      Sheridan: I did mention the club a few times, you couldve gone over lol

      Was nice meeting you SD, guess you got home from husrt. alright
      see ya at the footy
    5. hornbyslilhottie24
      ahaha no - just being friendly :P

      good luck getting all the signatures! haha where are ya gunna put all these jerseys? we have a framed one with people ranging from steve rogers, rod reddy, mark coyne, trent barrett and mark gasnier...

      my pride and joy hhaha
    6. Steel Dragon
      Steel Dragon
      what - are you trying to pick me up?! ;)

      Yeah, I plan on getting this years jersey signed and framed next time theres a fan day/signing thingy.
      Im trying to get each years jersey signed and framed. Doing it myself will work out HEAPS cheaper than buying from ebay
    7. hornbyslilhottie24
      yeah ive got everyone's signatures heaps of times, but can never hav too many haha

      so where ya from, how old are ya? etc...
    8. Steel Dragon
      Steel Dragon
      It was just good to get outta town for the day.
      I didnt bother with the whole meet and sign bit - i figure there'll be other chances this year.
      Was pretty good - the whole bit with wendell on stage. When that finished, i went to the club with Pat and Liam.

      I'm sure i'll see you again at the charity shield unless they have a fan day thing before hand
    9. hornbyslilhottie24
      really??? shoulda come and said hi!!

      'the boys' are my dad, brother and his best mate so you wouldnt be interrupting!!

      yeah it was good...didnt think it would be like it was, but was good to have something different - met all of the boys again, got a few photos, felt sooo good wearing me jersey again too haha - wore it all day :P

      did you have a good time?
    10. Steel Dragon
      Steel Dragon
      we have met before a few times. I saw you guys in line to get checked off and you walked in front of where i was sitting.

      You were with the boys so i didnt really wanna interrupt.

      You have fun though?
    11. hornbyslilhottie24

      how are ya?

      me mate liam (wb2sos) told me that you had lunch at the club today with him and his lot... shame i didnt know earlier that you were there
      obviously i went, but always love meeting people from the fourm - always good to put faces to names :)

      anyway hopefully catch up at a game soon
    12. Cagey Mac
      Cagey Mac
      The guys name is Duane from Propaganda in Balgowlah. He's a damn good printer. I don't have his phone # but I'll look it up on Monday and PM you again
      Greg (KG)
    13. Jesbass
      Hey mate - I sent you a PM in November - just wondering if you'd read it yet? :)
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