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    Jack DeBelin

    Maybe the club is now saying that it didn't have an enormous effect on 2019, maybe it was just another convenient excuse.
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    Jack DeBelin

    I actually thought the trial was about a legal argument.
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    Vacuous inclusivity campaign

    We've sure got plenty of opinions in here.
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    Dragons problem areas (top 10)

    100. Bloody length of the fields 101. Bloody opposition kick the ball and score tries 102. Bloody width of the field, not wide enough for our crabbing 103. Bloody Mary
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    Luciano Leilua

    Trying to ensure Flanno fails.
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    Sack mcgregor

    Wow, cannot believe it, we still need this post. What a decisive ( or should that be devisive) board we have.
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    Flanno assistant coach,,...?

    I disagree, it's the effing useless coach.
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    Signings for 2020 and future looking team

    When all the current champions are over 30 they will come and play for us.
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    Sack mcgregor

    That's the end of the SG Ball side.
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    Sack mcgregor

    Can I just buy the assistant and sack the coach?
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    Sack mcgregor

    Nothing will happen, our board are dodos, extinct.
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    Flanno assistant coach,,...?

    I think what you can attribute the late season fades is that by late in the season the players are totally pissed off with Mary.
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    The Future looks Dark

    We need a new head coach. That is where we need to start, no player worth his money will come to us at present.
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    The club is choosing McGregor over Frizell

    If what I read is correct "Tyson wants to take his game to another level" it has nothing to do with De Belin, it has all to do with the current make believe coach.
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    Gould reviewing Dragons.

    Sorry Gareth, Mary wouldn't understand that question.