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2014 Round 3 :: Titans v Souths

Discussion in 'Forum Sevens Matches' started by Monk, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Monk

    Monk Referee

    May 20, 2005
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    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    Game Thread:
    * This is a game thread only. Only game posts can be made here - team lists, substitutions, and articles.
    * Any other posts may result in loss of points and is at the discretion of the referee.
    * Only original articles, not used in previous games, will be marked by referees.

    Naming Teams:
    * 5 -V- 5 (+ 3 Reserves for Home; +2 for Away)
    * No 'TBA' or changing players named
    * Captains must stick with original teams named

    Rules: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/rules.php
    Official Word Counter: http://www.forumsevens.com.au/wordcount.php

    Kick Off: Sunday 1st of June 2014
    Full Time: Monday 16th of June 2014 (9:00pm Sydney Time)
    Referee: TBA
    Venue: Skilled Park

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  2. Titanic

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    Feb 20, 2007
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    Titans team



  3. Titanic

    Titanic First Grade

    Feb 20, 2007
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    Titanic for the Titans (749 OWC)

    When is enough really enough?

    For those of you with quality memories, go back to those days when you were in your own bedroom as a child. Things were so less complicated in those days but they didn’t seem so at the time.

    Choices of how to spend your spare time; which friends to play with; rugby league or surfing as a serious social statement and complying with your parents wishes, all these options conspired to make life seem incredibly complex. And then there were the times when the confluence of those pastimes became all too much.

    “Son, don’t forget to mow the lawn!” reminded my father, followed by my mum's, “tidy-up your room before you go out!” The phone rings and my coach pushily demands, “c’mon, we need a decent prop this season” which in fact sounds tempting but my best friend just phoned with, “far out man, surf's really pumping down at Pottsville, so I’ll pick you up in an hour.” But what about my homework? …. anyway, I’m sure you get what I mean.

    That was then and the inevitable explosion always took its vengeance out on my little sister. The same way that lava will seek out the soft spot in the earth’s crust before it rains hell on humanity, I would find my little ‘blister’ and make sure that her life was more horrific than mine.

    Then I grew up and things became even more chaotic.

    I gravitated through university, had a good shot at playing and coaching rugby league, got married and divorced and married again. Learned about bills and mortgages and parenting. Watched as the entire world went online and political correctness took over from traditional values. Now life was complex all right… and just to add a little spin to this tale, I am doing the whole thing as an executive in the Chinese government in Nanjing.

    One lesson life teaches you, though, is that you have choices and from the choices you make your life unfolds. You can’t blame anybody else and venting like I used to do so unreasonably on my sister was totally unfair.

    So where is the rugby league part of this rambling soliloquy?

    Well, as a real live ‘old fart’ and respected member of the Chinese community there are two constants: the first is I can’t rant and the second is that I must. An impossible conundrum you may think, however, the solution has always been in rugby league.

    First it was on the field. Running, sledging and smashing other people was Vesuvius and Krakatoa combined, to my persona. Later it was from the coaching box. Shouting, scheming and manipulating allowed all that pent-up frustration to be released. And now, you may ask? I think it should be obvious … it’s the Titans. No, not this eclectic group that in one form or another has been slugging it out in F7’s for years but the real NRL franchise perched out at Robina like a pimple on the bum of the Coast.

    I am still a member of my childhood club the Burleigh Bears but old enough to have been a member of the original Giants, I suffered through the joke that was the Gladiators, wept tears of blood when the Chargers were stabbed in the back and now… now I am faced with a dilemma.

    Not that long ago, the Gold Coast rugby league community rejoiced in the establishment of an NRL franchise in its backyard. It should have been obvious to us all when they chose an Americanised name for our mascot that something was not quite right. The Titans… what has that got to do with sun, surf and sand? Maybe it referred to the Japanese investment on the coast, as in “titans of industry”? Or perhaps the size of the majority owner’s ego… a titan in his own mind?

    Now, after seven plus years of mediocrity on the playing field and downright abysmal performances off it, it’s time for me to review my loyalties.

    On one hand I am a local in all senses of the word except I live in China. Supporting any other club seems traitorous, however, I am fast coming to realize that my club doesn’t care about me the member, or me the fan, or even me the paying public.

    Once the NRL signed the most recent broadcast megadeal, Searle and his cronies no longer needed even one person to pay through the gate.

    And I have voted with my feet.
  4. Tittoolate

    Tittoolate Juniors

    Mar 13, 2009
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    Tittoolate makes a manly effort to touch his toes, drags on the mighty Titan's jumper, and gets the Bunnies in his sights with this 747 words (OWC) below the line.


    Five reasons Queenslanders should love NSW


    I admit it. With the closing of Origin Game One I became a confirmed lover of all things NSW. So compelled am I by this newfound adoration that I chronicle it here for posterity. All of us cane toads should be able to say ‘I just LOVE NSW’ without retching. Honestly, there is just so much to moon about. Here are five examples that, as an ensemble, validate my starry-eyed affection.

    NSW is conveniently shaped like a big square, with decay along one edge (reminding me NSW is rotten to the core, but more of this later, and whoops I am trying to be positive). The state covers 800,000 square km and has Australia’s longest cumulative land border; 4635km. Its border:surface ratio at 0.58% is the second largest of the mainland states (after Victoria, 1.12%). Queensland’s is a modest 0.19%. An errant traveller will find it three times easier to escape NSW over any border than it is to escape God’s own state. This is important. Demographics show NSW is a net exporter of people to Queensland (sunshine, sand, seafood) as more people need to escape NSW (pollution, corruption, Josh Dugan) than the reverse. You see my point. Statistically one is closer to a border (any border will do) in NSW making it quick to escape, saving sanity and virginity.

    Also, thanks NSW for being in between Victoria and us. Really.

    Thanks Eddie ‘n’ friends, you make us look good. We can’t hold a candle to them up here, and so entertaining to watch! But it’s not just in mining/politics/union/Grange that they trounce us. A quick flick through the Albert & Logan Community Newspaper of 24 May highlights some inventive rulings in Rugby League as well. For instance:
    a. Inclusion of the 1987 LA exhibition as a bona fide Origin game – to help balance the win/loss ratio.
    b. NSW altered the stripping rule because Alfie was making such Muppets out of their players.
    c. NSW banned the marker contesting the play-the-ball with his boot because of The Emperor’s mastery in this phase.
    d. Josh Reynolds NOT being confined to play for the Long Bay Butt-Rogerers but instead permitted to again sully the (already low) reputation of the Blues, because of the most blatant, illegal, dangerous, irresponsible and plain stupid tackle I’ve ever witnessed.

    BIG Tourist Attractions.
    NSW trounces Queensland in the bizarre race to construct BIG tourist attractions. We all love the Banana at Coffs and the scary glowing-eyed Merino at Goulburn, but my enchantment with NSW has lead me to discover some rippers!
    a. Pro Hart’s Big Ant at Broken Hill. See? There is a reason to visit!
    b. Not one, but two big apples (Batlow and Yerrinbool wherever that is). The more the merrier I say!
    c. The Big Ayers Rock at North Arm Cove. Out of place? NEVER!
    d. Broken Hill scores again with the Big Bench. Um. Nope. I don’t get it either.
    e. Two Big Chooks at two places no one ever wants to go to, Moonbi and somewhere else.
    f. Hexham’s Big Mozzie. And many more for them I say.
    g. The Big Poo at Kiama. Yep. Says it all. Thanks Kiama for making my point so eloquently.

    Role Models.
    Josh Dugan. Who would have thought that those wankers at the NRL would spot his ‘bird’ on Instagram? Still its good to see him back in Blue.
    Joey Johns. Brilliant. Lessons 1 to 10 in how to tarnish a virtually untarnishable playing reputation through execrable off-field behaviour.
    Paul Gallen. Still the ‘losingest’ Origin captain!
    Hopate (John, not Will, though Jamil is showing signs of carrying on some proud family traditions). Should get a look-in to the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ for being able to couple ugly with stupid with gross all with one digit.
    Anthony Watmough. So many to choose from. Punching a sponsor in 2009 and landing a criminal infringement for getting caught urinating in public are two favourites.

    See kids?
    This is NSW-style!

    State of Origin.
    Yes, I sign off this love-letter with a reflection on Origin. Thanks NSW for being there while Queensland won eight on the trot since 2006. Thanks for continuing to whinge about Greg Inglis. Thanks for whinging about the ref, the weather or the fates when you lose; the Maroons take a loss on the chin and redouble efforts. And don’t get ahead of yourselves…. its not over.
  5. Misanthrope

    Misanthrope Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 1, 2003
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    Misanthrope shows visible signs of fatigue as he hits the park for the Titans.

    League Diluted
    It’s fair to say that the task of coming up with an F7s article each week isn’t exactly a prospect that fills me with joy these days.

    Far from the times when a much younger, less bearded Misanthrope would eagerly tap out articles in advance for the Glebe Dirty Reds or Newcastle Knights (may they rest in peace), these days I’d forget about F7s completely if it weren’t for the fact my real life boss is also my captain.

    It’s not that I no longer enjoy the concept or that I no longer enjoy league, it’s just that I’ve been on the diluted form of league fandom for so long now that I now consider it a distant second to football (soccer). My love for the sport hasn’t changed, just my exposure to it and ability to see it.

    I’m coming up on 30 months here in China, and that’s 30 months with league being background noise rather than the main attraction of my weekends.

    The most obvious reason for this is that the sport is not telecast on Chinese television. There are about fifty CCTV channels, but none of them deign to show sports such as rugby league. While the Australian Network is available via cable, it only shows AFL, so that outlet, too is denied to me.
    What I’m left with is a solitary foreigner bar in the city that shows NRL games via Setanta stream.

    It’s a good bar with good, American style pizza and a fantastic selection of beers and ciders – but it also charges Sydney prices despite the fact most of us laowei (foreigners) still only earn Chinese salaries. When you’re looking at $10 for a pint of Strongbow or $6 for a pint of Tiger (essentially watery piss), it means you choose your battles.
    Me? I’m only there for State of Origin.

    And so it is I’m left with watching my beloved Knights (and it’s a love/hate relationship these days) on a usually stutter stream on my tiny, overheating laptop. It’s hardly a patch on the days where I’d watch it on a mate’s flat screen or (gasp) go to the games myself. Your enjoyment of the game is watered down – much like Tiger beer tastes like it has been – by having to wait 25 seconds while your stream buffers.

    When it finally comes back on, we’ve usually conceded another try. And so it is, I find I only watch Newcastle games and Origin these days.

    Nanjing, the city in which I reside, has a close partnership with the Victorian Department of Education that sees dozens of Victorians head over here every semester to study Chinese as part of a cultural exchange.

    How does this affect me? Well, it means that every time I meet an Australian they’re invariably a Victorian with their inexplicable love of the world’s dumbest sport. Dare to even bring up rugby league and they roll their eyes, flip their hipster hair, and return to their penny-licking and back seat of the bus genius rocking.

    With the exception of Titanic (the aforementioned boss) and a handful of others who have managed to fall in love with the game in spite of being from such places as Tennessee, Swansea, and Pakistan; I’m left with precious few people with which to discuss the events of the round gone by. And so it is, I just don’t discuss them anymore.

    I haven’t fallen out of love with rugby league; it just feels like I’m growing out of it against my will. Between the difficulties watching games and the lack of people to talk to about it, I find my motivation to endure a Daily Telegraph article or waste one of my precious SMH.com.au reads on a league article greatly diminished.

    And that’s why I’m writing about not having anything to write about this week…

    In under two months (not that anybody’s counting), I’ll touch down back in Sydney and I hope to find my love affair with rugby league renewed.

    There’ll still be five or six rounds of NRL action left to tide me over, plus the thrill of finals football my side almost certainly won’t be participating in. There’ll be mates who live and breathe footy to talk to about it and I’ll return to being soaked with pro league propaganda every time I tune in to Fox Sports to watch the A-League.

    I can’t wait. Life just doesn’t feel quite the same without the NRL to fire me up.


    WORD COUNT: 750 (inc title)
  6. RUG13Y

    RUG13Y Juniors

    Mar 2, 2014
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    “We need to talk about that shirt...”

    Words: 750

    Jerseys excite many RL fans, in fact jersey spotting and collecting is more popular than ever.

    But let’s face it, the RL jersey still has a long way to go.

    First, the good news, we have fortunately moved past the garish 1990s where jerseys resembled impressionist paintings. That also includes the gear offered up by the marketing geniuses’ at Super League Australia. For those that missed it, nearly all the jerseys, including the NSW and QLD models were just templates that had been painted by number.

    Today it seems that finally RL clubs are realising that fans wanted traditional jerseys all along and there is big move towards traditional models. This is all helped by events such as NRL Heritage and Rivalry Rounds, celebrating anniversaries of famous matches and Old Boys Days. It sure warms the heart to see the Raiders, Penrith and Newcastle wearing famous jerseys from the past.

    But as usual, someone has to go too far. And now club’s seem to be producing a jersey for any reason. The indigenous jerseys were a great idea. But I have to say that the Women In league jerseys particularly have gone too far. Pink chevrons everywhere, which just doesn’t work with many clubs. It made a lot of sense at the time to see the famous Red V become pink and for the Penrith to become the Pink Panthers. But I can live without Cowboys WIL jerseys. Perhaps we could just have pink socks or a nice pink ribbon embroided on the jersey?

    While experimental designs are usually abominations. The brand new Auckland 9s tournament offers a forum for some more crazy designs while still keeping the baseball bats of the traditionalists at bay. Having said that it was disappointing to see so many clubs simply opt for a template from the sports wear supplier ISC. These offenders go by the names Raiders, Cowboys, Manly, Dragons and Knights.

    Another bizarre phenonmen is the advent of movie tie in jerseys. We have seen Superman jerseys for the Rabbitohs. Their owner Russell Crowe had recently starred in the latest screen rendition. We have seen the Batman Storm jersey, which at least looked good and tied into the colouring of the club. The first I believe was the Star Wars Bulldogs jersey, which featured light sabres. At the time I remember being a bit disappointed that club hero Andrew Ryan had to play his last game in gimmick gear.

    The cost of the jerseys is obviously outrageous. Especially when staked up against overseas jerseys and rival codes such as AFL and Soccer. It makes a big difference and is an unfair rip off.

    But how can we make jerseys better? How can we reach that light on the hill that is jersey heaven?

    One has to view the NFL and AFL with a large degree of envy, as their jerseys do not look like Nascars. Covered in sponsorship logos left, right and centre. It would be good if we could class up our jerseys to not look so much like sponsorship billboards. A nice little badge for the sponsor is features on AFL jerseys for instance. A compromise would be better sponsorship integration, some clubs have mastered this art.

    Finally, could we put the player’s names on the back of the jersey? One of the reason why people would become a fan is to follow a player. But sometimes it is hard to see them on the field, especially if you are new to the game. It really would bring the fans closer to the game. Doing this would also make the named jersey much more of a scared and cherished item. We do have it at origin level but I would like to see it extended to NRL clubs. I wonder if there is a rule across the board that disallows doing this? Is there an opportunity for a club to break ranks and do something innovative like this?

    And let’s not even talk about what happened about the collars! Okay, let’s talk about it, please, for the love of God, bring the collars back! I guess we can thank Gorden Tallis for turning Brett Hodgson into a rag doll for that.

    Jersey Hall of Shame - A selection

    Super League Australia – Entire collection


    NSW Blues 1996


    Broncos Blue (Roundly ridiculed, but I kinda liked it)


    Peppermint Panthers (Pick colours and stick to it Penrith)


    Raiders BlackSnot (Two greens, both wrong)


    Beagles MY EYES

  7. Monk

    Monk Referee

    May 20, 2005
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    Souths team of legends

    Horrie is God
    Marshall Magic

  8. Bubbles

    Bubbles Juniors

    Mar 23, 2004
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    Bubbles takes the first hit up for Souths...

    It Ends Here!

    This year my husband and I will celebrate nine years together as a couple. During that time we've been married and had a son together, only necessarily in that order. We've had passionate arguments and even more passionate make-up sex. We've confided in one another and shared each other's pasts, dreams and future. The one thing we haven't shared is a Blues' victory.

    I don't need to remind anyone of the torture it's been watching those smug men in Maroon, their smiling faces plastered all over our media. It just gets rammed home how long it's been when it feels like a lifetime that my husband and I have been together, so much so that I can barely remember a time before him. My son is six years old, which only reinforces the feeling that an entire lifespan has passed since the last time the Blues held the coveted trophy aloft.

    During our years together we have probably watched a total of seven Origin games together owing to the fact my husband worked away from home or on night shift for several years. But not this year. For the first time in over five years he is working close enough to make it home most nights.

    Some adjustments have had to be made, however the good outweighs the bad and then there's the sublime which came just under three weeks ago when we sat down together to watch Origin I. I don't need to give you a recap of the game particularly if you're a Blues' supporter as I'm sure you've watched it since. What I will talk about is the last five minutes, the most telling five minutes in New South Wales Origin history.

    Clinging to a narrow lead the Blues repelled the Queenslanders on their own line for what seemed an eternity. The Maroons received referee decisions that had an entire State up on their feet and up in arms, my husband and I no exception. We paced the lounge hands on our heads, all the while beseeching “Please not again. Surely they can't do it to again” (only please add in some colorful flourish of foul language to get a more realistic picture).

    We needn't have worried for while we were pleading with the footy gods for mercy the men in blue on the field were making their own declaration. “This ends here, now!” This was the message, the mantra that pushed injured bodies to hold on, heaving chests to suck in one more breath and then one more again to take the impact of large Maroon clad bodies. These were the words the fans have been waiting to hear from a Blues team for nine long years.

    I don't want to disparage the players who have donned the sky blue during this period of Queensland domination. I truly believe that almost all played with passion for their State and their jumper and put everything into their performances. However after the damage inflicted on the psyche of the State, its players, coaching staff and supporters, there has always been something vulnerable about every team that has taken the field these last eight years.

    When the siren signaled the end of Game One it wasn't simply the fact we'd won the game, nor that it was on our great foe's home soil. No, it was the fact that we didn't capitulate in those last five minutes where every single Blues' team in the past would have. This was the die-hard courage, determination and effort we've been looking for.

    “It ends here, now!” Four words and the hopes of every single New South Wales' fan is lifted heavenward, primal, chest-thumping cries riding the winds “New South Wales, New South Wales!” So we won the battle but the war is yet to be won and we've been through too much to count our chickens before they're hatched. Heck, we won't even count the eggs to begin calculations on potential chick births.

    When the whistle blows game on come Wednesday night there will be thousands upon thousands of Blue's fans with a collection of mental conditions and nervous disorders watching what unfolds with their hearts in their mouths, living and dying with each play. And that's alright, we are free to be our neurotic selves. That is, as long as the seventeen men in the sky blue keep repeating those four words to change fortunes. IT ENDS HERE NOW!

    Word Count: 741
  9. byrne_rovelli_fan82

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    Feb 1, 2006
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    byrne_rovelli_fan82 comes crashing in from the wing!


    Body Clock Cruelty.

    The crowd was a buzz of excitement. It wasn’t hard to feel the same way while we warmed up. Hearing the fans cheering for us when came out on the field and seeing the expressions on their faces light up as they madly waved their flags. It was a sea vast colour with more and more people making their way inside. Kick off was close and despite my body feeling a little wonky I was looking forward to the challenge.

    With warm ups done the trainers started to herd us back towards the dressing room and even more noise began to rack up amongst the crowd. They were eager for the game as we were. A part of me wanted this to be over and done with quickly; as the effects of the time zone was starting to become a bother. Sure we’ve been here for a couple of days now so we ought to be used to it. Travelling every two weeks is not unusual in our position. Still, it all takes a bit of adjustment. We flew in from one country to another and then from one state to the next. As if time difference in two countries wasn’t enough, we also had time difference in another state!

    I was still trying to wrap my head around that. Walking into the room and sitting down with the rest of the boys instantly I felt my body relax.

    ‘Tired mate?’ one of my teammate asked I looked at him with a half crooked smile.
    ‘A little yeah, I didn’t think I’d be feeling like this still. It’s been two days and it hasn’t quite sunk in.’ I answered.

    ‘Know the feeling. No matter how early we plan to come it takes far too long to adjust and by the time we do it’s back home again.’ He agreed.

    ‘Boys listen up.’ The coach said calling for everyone’s’ attention.

    ‘I know you’re a bit rough round the edges especially time wise we’ll just have to battle our way through it and battle we will. Our opponents won’t be showing any kindness or compassion out there and we won’t do the same. Let’s go out there and show them what we can do. Take it to them from the first set. Blow them out of the water in the first ten minutes and soak up whatever pressure they throw your way.’ He explained.

    ‘You’ve done a great job so far and I want to see that improvement continue going forward.’
    There were still a few minutes to go; some guys choose to get a bit of extra strapping, have a drink and other bits and pieces. Me, I remained sitting in my spot and leaning back a little my muscles loosed up and I was even more relaxed. I could feel the warmth start to creep across my body. Uh oh. That wasn’t a good sign. My head started to tilt back a bit more and more and my eyelids began to drop…. Smack!

    ‘Hey!’ I yelled sitting up right suddenly hearing the laughter coming from my teammates.
    My body ached suddenly more so then after a game or warm ups. This definitely wasn’t a good look. It couldn’t happen now especially not now.
    An official knocked on the door.

    ‘It’s time’

    ‘All right boys here we go let’s do this!’ another of my teammates shouted everyone gathered together for a moment and then filed out one by one back towards the field. Come on man; hold out just hold out for the next hour. I thought.

    Well that didn’t happen. The game was over, and what had started as promising in the first half ended up being a disaster after the second. I’m not sure what went wrong and as I looked around the room at my teammates they didn’t have the answers. Coach walked in and he managed a half-hearted smile.

    ‘Good effort boys. It was a tough one we almost got there but just didn’t quite finish it.’

    While the loss hurt I was glad it was over. The way my body felt right now all I wanted was to go to sleep. I was struggling that last half of the game. At times it was as though my brain wasn’t connected to the rest of my body. Thank god we don’t have travel this far again. The time on the clock said 9:45pm but it sure didn’t feel like it.

    747 words between '~' lines according to official word counter.
  10. Marshall_magic

    Marshall_magic Coach

    Sep 2, 2006
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    Marshall Magic for Souths 679 words between the lines


    The Teddy Diaries

    March 2012
    Dear diary, Tim picked this new guy in the team today. His name is James, but some people call him Teddy. I love my teddy so I will call him Teddy. He played 20 minutes against the Sharks and killed it. But then he hurt his knee which made me sad. I hope he will be okay, but he may not play again this year. I hope he does though, it would be a shame if he ended up like Simon Dwyer, but I don't think it's that bad.

    March 2013
    Dear diary, I decided to write to you again to talk about Teddy. Mick has picked him on the wing for tonight's game against Manly. I can't wait to see him play again, he is so amazing. I also hope he doesn't hurt himself. I'll write to you again later in the year.

    May 2013
    Dear diary, I am beginning to think Teddy not that good. Maybe his knee is really sore still but he isn't playing as good as I thought he would. I know he is a young boy, but I was hoping for more. Am I selfish, or is he not playing his best?

    September 2013
    Dear diary, I was wrong, Teddy had a very good finish to the season, and he was playing with an injury. He really is amazing, and will carry us into the future without that worthless traitor Benji Marshall. Teddy had his friend Luke Brooks play a game with him this season and they are both so good. This will make us a much better team next year and I can't wait to see it.

    January 2014
    Dear diary, I think this is the year of Teddy. He is going to win us many games and will become one of the best players at in the NRL. I am so excited for the year ahead I can barely contain myself, and I am, well, writing to you in January.

    February 2014
    Dear diary, Teddy played in the nines today and he was so good. I can't wait to watch him again tomorrow. He is so fast and big and strong, he is going to be unstoppable this year. I can not keep my excitement levels down.

    March 2014
    Dear diary, Teddy started the year so well. We are playing so well and it is because of him. It is also because of Robbie and some of the other boys, but Teddy is the best. He and Luke Brooks will carry us into the future, long after Robbi retires, although I don't want Robbie to retire

    April 2014
    Dear diary, I am so sad that Teddy has hurt himself again. We are struggling without him and I just want him to come in and kick some butt. Kurtis Rowe is not very good, and nobody else can play at fullback. Also, Tim Simona said he will be staying by accident, he said he wasn't too sure, but he must know. I just want to see him play again.

    May 2014
    Dear diary, I am so sad today. Teddy has left us to go and join the evil empire that is Canberra. I hate them. I hate Ricky Stuart. Now I also hate Teddy. He is a traitor, and I hope he hurts himself in a game. I hope it is worse than what Simon Dwyer. That is how much I hate him. He is the worst and I will throw up if he is picked ahead of Kurtis Rowe again this year. He's not even that good of a player. Canberra are wasting their money.

    May 2014 (three days after the last entry)
    Dear diary, I am so glad Teddy is loyal and a man of his word. He will stay with his mates at the Tiges and forever lead us to glory along with Luke Brooks and Mitch Moses (who needs to stop being mean to gay people). He is so awesome and I can't wait to see him play against the Knights this weekend.
  11. byrne_rovelli_fan82

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    Feb 1, 2006
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    Posting by proxy for Horrie is God, after finding him asleep in the locker room and Monk has gone walkabouts...

    A special player.

    Round 1 of each footy season is that magical time when every team is on the same amount of points, and each fan can dream that " this is the year." I am no different, but as i enjoy having a bet on how my Roosters will fare each year, i have to take sentiment out of the equation, and look for hints as to how the season will unfold. So i went with grouping each captain with his success during his time at the helm.

    I decided on the mid '70's as my starting point, as this is when i was old enough to pay attention to the game. It was also a good time to be a Roosters fan as we won 2 Grand Finals in a row.

    The great man, Rugby League Immortal, Artie Beetson was captain of the club, and he achieved what was expected of a man of his stature, leading the club until the end of the 1976 season, where the team missed winning their 3rd Grand Final in a row, losing in the Preliminary Final. The team alson won the first World Club Challenge.

    1977- 1979 saw Bob Fulton take the reigns. Another Immortal, "Bozo" would take us to one Preliminary Final loss, but couldn't find a way to win the big prize.

    The early '80's saw the job mainly going to Royce Ayliffe. A rugged prop who was good enough to represent Australia, he was able to get to one Grand Final, but was unable to get any further.

    The late '80's saw the start of Hughie McGahan's era as captain. As good a player as Hughie was, this was the beginning of a dark decade for the club. Year after year we missed the playoff's, with his best year being his last, 1987, when the club again fell on game short of the Grand Final.

    Club favourite Craig Salvatori was next to lead the club. A wholehearted second rower who wore the Green & Gold, Salvo tried his guts out, but success eluded him. Sean Garlick also had 2 years in charge, without success.

    Then began "The Freddie Era." All time great, Brad Fittler entered the club on a wave of expectation. Fittler was good enough to meet said expectations. The club would not miss the playoffs on his watch, building from a team of also rans into one who would be a serious threat each year, then into one that would be expected to be at "The Show" each year. A tremendously successful time to be a Chooks fan, Freddie lifted the Grand Final winners trophy in 2002, ending a 27 year trophy drought for the club. He also took the boys to 3 other Grand Finals, and won the clubs 2nd World Club Challenge.

    On Freddie's retirement the club rewarded a couple of stalwarts with the job. Luke Ricketson led for a year without making the semi's, then handed the job to Craig Fitzgibbon. 9 months aftet leading the club to one game before the Grand Final, the perplexing decision was made by Caretaker coach Fittler to strip Fitzy of his leadership, and replace him with Bulldogs recruit, Braith Anasta.

    The "Bwaiff Period" as it became known to Rooster fans, was an extremely frustrating 3 and a half years, punctuated by an amazing 5 month run by the club in 2010, where they made the Grand Final. Midway through 2012 Anasta announced that he was leaving the club (to scenes of joy reminiscent of the V Day celebrations of 1945) and a new leader had to be found.

    The man for the job proved to be club legend, Golden Boot winner, Anthony Minichiello. Handed a team that were ready to win, Mini was able to lift the Summons/ Provan Trophy, JJ Giltnan Shield, and the club's 3rd World Club Challenge.

    So i looked back at history and learnt that if you wanted to back the Roosters to make the Semi Finals, then the captain had to be good enough to have represented Australia.

    However to win the whole shebang, the big one, the Summons/ Provan Trophy, then you needed to be a true great of the game, a player who was clearly above his peers.

    A special player.


    World Counter: 710
  12. Monk

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    May 20, 2005
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    I know Rugby League fans (and players too) tend to be a bit superstitious and caught up in their ways. Something as simple as eating the wrong food on game-day can send the Footy Gods into an eternal rage and may result in your beloved club being thrown out of the competition.

    So I decided to make this handy-dandy guidebook which details the game-day do’s and don’ts for various teams and states. Unfortunately if you’re from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania you may have been skipped in this article. Stay tuned for future editions though, according to every NRL journo ever, expansion is on the horizon!

    NOTE: These are based purely on my own experiences, if you disagree with any of them then I suggest you keep it to yourself.

    New South Wales
    DO: Wear blue. It may seem really obvious but the Footy Gods really like the colour sky-blue. It reminds them of Sunday Afternoon Footy.
    DON’T: Drink VB, more of a life lesson than anything else. You’ll thank me later.

    DO: Sacrifice your first-born to Nate Myles’ forehead.
    DON’T: Talk smack to NSW players. Talking smack is bad enough, but when you’re on a history-making streak you shut the hell up and enjoy the ride dumbass.

    DO: Pop a Eucalyptus drop in honour of old mate Darren Lockyer. You may substitute it for a throat lozenge of your choosing.
    DON’T: Go horse riding. Messes you up down there.

    DO: Schedule the game to be played in Canberra against the Dragons.
    DON’T: Play outside of Canberra.

    DO: Buy the butcher closest to Sam Kasiano’s house.
    DON’T: Ask him if he wants salad with his triple beef burger.

    DO: Buy any off contract Tigers player.
    DON’T: Let Blake Ayshford play first grade.

    DO: Remember that the Gold Coast has a Rugby League team.
    DON’T: Call the team the ‘Seagulls’, ‘Crushers’, ‘Suns’ or any other variation.

    Sea Eagles
    DO: Steer clear of the Wolfman during a night game.
    DON’T: Let Jamie Lyon play State of Origin.

    DO: Leave a trail of pringles so George Rose turns up to play.
    DON’T: Watch AFL.

    DO: Trust in Wayne Bennett.
    DON’T: Trust in any Knights player.

    DO: Make your very own paper mache Brent Tate neck brace so that you can feel like you’re a part of the team.
    DON’T: Say that JT has the conversion “in the bag”.

    DO: Sell your soul to Satan to ensure that Jarryd Hayne never ever leaves the Eels.
    DON’T: Be mean to a Raiders fan. Ricky will find you.

    DO: Learn Sowie’s neat little conversion dance and perform it as a neat little ensemble at half time.
    DON’T: Listen to Phil Gould for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    DO: Watch any movie starring Russell Crowe.
    DON’T: Look Greg Inglis in the eye when he is hungry. It’ll be the last thing you ever do.

    DO: Remember the good old days.
    DON’T: Look at the score.

    DO: Get really drunk. The Roosters have won about 94% of their games when I’m kicking back and enjoying a cold one with the boys (definitely not on the couch at home alone).
    DON’T: Eat chicken. Only a fool would attempt such a task on the most sacred of days.

    DO: Sign a petition to bring back Stacy Jones.
    DON’T: Sign a petition to bring back Matt Elliot.

    DO: Pray to every known God so that Tedesco doesn’t get injured.
    DON’T: Let anyone play Braith Anasta at fullback.

    So there we have it, a complete list of anything you will ever need to know. You can thank me whenever you want really. I will happily let you buy me a beer at any time; provided it’s not VB.

    If you would like to read more about jinxing teams chances at victory, I suggest you book a meeting with LU forum members BunniesMan or Moffo. Both have extensive experience in the subject,
  13. Monk

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    May 20, 2005
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    Fulltime. Thar she blows!
  14. Titanic

    Titanic First Grade

    Feb 20, 2007
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    Sorry Souths we have one missing in action.
  15. LeagueNut

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    May 26, 2003
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    TBA bursts out of a giant cake to announce the results...


    When is enough really enough? (749 words)
    This made me sad. It seemed to wrap up rather abruptly as well, perhaps a follow-up article could be on the cards? Personally I'd like to hear more about how the separation is going.
    Score = 83

    Five reasons Queenslanders should love NSW (747 words)
    Part of me wants to penalise you for "trying to be positive" because it doesn't look like you know what positive means - but I'll let you off because I enjoyed it.
    Score = 88

    League Diluted (753 words)
    This made me sad too. Any chance your boss can let you come home early for your own sanity?
    Score = 79 (Includes 2 point word count penalty)

    We need to talk about that shirt… (749 words)
    As a fan of a club that's produced MORE than their fair share of "creative" jersey designs I agree with everything you've said. (Not sure what happened to the Broncos jersey photo? It's not displaying for me.)
    Score = 82


    It Ends Here! (741 words)
    It feels like you've summed up the mood of an entire state in the microcosm of your lounge - nicely done.
    Score = 83

    Body Clock Cruelty (747 words)
    I hope this isn't a true story but after watching some performances this year I fear it very well could be.
    Score = 83

    The Teddy Diaries (679 words)
    Hmmm. I'm not sure if this has quite hit the angle you were going for, but unfortunately it didn't work for me.
    Score = 70

    Horrie is God
    A special player (710 words)
    Poor Bwaiff. This is a good little history lesson, short and sweet but well constructed.
    Score = 88

    Curses (673 words)
    Articles like this can be a bit hit-and-miss, but this one gave me enough chuckles for a pass mark. The Dragons one is my favourite.
    Score = 87

    Result: Souths 411 defeated Titans 332
    POTM: Tittoolate (Titans) :clap: and Horrie is God (Souths) :clap:
  16. Titanic

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    Feb 20, 2007
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    Congratulations Souths for a good win … but we'll be back … good effort guys if a little short :)
    Thanks Nutty … writing on planes leaves a lot to be desired.
  17. Monk

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    May 20, 2005
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    Huge effort by Souths to get all five in. Good game titans

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