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2016 season - draw release


I'm pretty happy with Warriors draw at first glance - even though we've got the dreaded Perth fixture again, that's been counteracted somewhat by two away games in NZ (Bulldogs in Wgtn, Panthers in Chch), minimal travel during the season prior to Perth (including home game and bye directly before that fixture), and pretty decent turnarounds between games.

Looking at turnaround times, we have five 6-day, five 7-day, two 8-day and two 9-day turnarounds. Plus the three 13/14 day turnarounds with the bye & rep round weeks.

In the 4 month period between March 12 (after Brisbane round two) and July 11 (bye weekend before Perth), we only travel to Australia 4 times, including a period of 46 days in NZ between the Melbourne R8 & Newcastle R14 games! That must surely be a record for us not travelling overseas mid-season!

Nice Beaver

First Grade
On the NRL website it has Manly with the 5th easiest draw in regards to who they play.

From hardest to easiest they are 12th.

Oh well, about time Manly got it a bit tough though. They can put up with short turn arounds like Storm did in 2015.

The NRL website is basing their "analysis" on finishing positions of teams in 2015. Has as much relevance to predicting the ease of the 2016 draw as the price of apples to the Syrian crisis.

This is not just a Manly issue either, the Roosters and Tigers have this same 5 day turnaround issue.

After all the talk from Greenberg and Co about player welfare blah blah blah they completely ignore what was agreed upon. That parasite is a joke.

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