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2021 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 14-12 South Sydney @ Suncorp

Grand Final: Penrith v South Sydney

  • Penrith Panthers

    Votes: 53 51.5%
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs

    Votes: 50 48.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


I've been there mate (just last year). If you keep identifying the sliding doors you'll just get more depressed. In my experience, about half of all teams that make the grand final lose.

Not trying to be condescending (although my wife would suggest that is my natural state), but best thing to do is to celebrate that your boys did extremely well and had a great season. And look forward to next year when it will be the sting of a GF loss spurring Souths on...
Souths supporters are now experiencing the hurt we had from last season. They'll be better for it.
It was Magistrate Denes.

She described his conduct as “ reprehensible”

I haven’t sighted his criminal record, don’t know of re-offending, I haven’t referenced these.

As for getting on with his life, he’s the one that posted the instagram and re-visited the issue publicly:

“And the dirt they threw on my name, turned to soil and I grew up out of it. Time for y’all to figure out what y’all gon’ to do about it”

With a picture of him and Ivan outside of court

He pleaded guilty and was convicted. He admitted to the crimes.

There was no dirt thrown at his name, he taped a young lady in sexual acts without her consent. She claimed she suffered psychological damage.

Then those brotherlys support him. Pfft!

You can argue he’s done his time, that’s all right, I agree, but then he coughs up this rubbish after the gf and re-opens the wounds.

That’s my honest opinion ghosty.

The statement of defiance at the end was self serving and bizarre.

I wonder how his victim feels reading this?

You say it’s a free country, but recently you were drilling down to me about defamation, so that seems a bit inconsistent.

All that said, i think his post was ill advised and paints him in a very poor light.

I don’t think you will agree with me, but that’s my position.

I’m more than happy not to give this bloke any more free publicity.

You want to stand with him, matter for you.

You’re absolutely as entitled to post on lu within the rules as I am.

Haha so scandalous. Anyways, enough of my time and energy on this.

Thanks for the yarn. You’re blocked for being a weirdo saviour of all women. Nothing personal.

ps it’s defo. Good luck
This just looks like a couple of his friends congratulating him on winning the GF.

It was a reflection post. Obvious to anyone except the extremely outraged. The bloke has had a deep and dark past, (yep self inflicted) to come through in now having a premiership ring is some achievement.

The get the feeling that the Cleary family gave him a huge amount of help during that time, and he is (in his own way) thanking them.

All this over some words to a song, and some photos. WOW.


Anyone else eagerly awaiting Silverdale Phantom's view of BJ and his pic sharing antics?

Luckily the Tigers would never sign such a morally bankrupt person.


Melbourne would of put 50 on Penrith
It's been a week, I could think of a number of remarks that I'd think are witty, but I've been distracted with the goings on at work and the time has passed.

As this thread dies. I think your comment should be highlighted at the end of the thread, instead of being buried deep for posterity.