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2021 Preliminary Semifinal V Storm

John Hamblin

To al l you doubters we have done it. I couldn't be prouder of OUR team. Special wins last two weeks great momentum coming into GF. Our defence WILL get us home. So happy for our boys, Phil Gould can take some credit but Ivan deserves special praise!! HOw good is it!!


Dylan is good for one absolute f**k up at the start of every game lol. He’s been very very good tho

When youre standing 40 or 50m from the ball its not easy to know where its kicked from exactky.

Especially when he didnt get a call from any other panther on the field..

He had to be better but him, like the other 12 players im tipping didnt even realise. Whether he didnt get a call from the other 12 because of fatigue who knows.

Was his fault no doubt. But doesnt help when you dont get a call and your 40 odd meters from where it was kicked.

Did he make a mistake other than that?

Was absolutley rock solid.