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2021 Preliminary Semifinal V Storm


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One thing that stood out today was how well we did in the ruck. It felt like we really played to the amount of leniency being allowed in the wrestle, which we've historically struggled with, and the Storm have been masters at for longer than I can remember. We were on top physically which helped, but we used that advantage better than I think I've ever seen from us. Ivan deserves credit for this, but it's a feel thing so the players figuring it out on the fly deserve wraps too. To do so well in that aspect of the game against arguably the best team in history at it is very satisfying.


Critta's height he is referring to...I think.
Nah on my small screen he looked like he had no room to work with. But I just rewatxhed it on the big TV after work and yeah had plenty.
What a kick though wonder if Nathan took offence to ref Smith calling his kicking game boring.

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Just goes to show how much of footy is more than some stats on paper. 52 missed tackles but who the hell cares if the team is resolved to scramble and do whatever it takes. If we have resolve that no matter what happens in the game we'll do whatever it takes we'll be in a good place to win the gf.
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It was overall a good tough game. I honestly feel this is Penriths time. It is their window. Not to say they won't continue to be strong but Capewell,TPJ and Burton all leave. Juniors will come in but they are big holes to fill.

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