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2021 Preliminary Semifinal V Storm


First Grade
Dylan was great this arvo after the 20 40.

I've watched the Storm murder teams all year off easy ball.

It's hard to adjust to seeing a good defensive Penrith side and assuming they'll repel an attack. Even the 03 team were paper thin at times (except the GF).


Post Whore
I knew it was a 20-40 when Edwards let it go. I was tearing hair out.

Penrith should take it out. The chips have fallen in there favour. They are at full strength. Souths are missing Latrell,Eels had there first 3 choice hookers out, Storm lost there but prop and B.Smith. You can not miss these opportunities.


I don’t normally post following our games, not within 48 hours or so, but I have to say that was one of the gutsiest wins in our entire history. Just outstanding. To beat the a Storm at full strength, with the week of, against all odds was a truly outstanding performance. I’m really proud of our team right now.


Momos been hammered on here.

Gosh he deserves a shout out.

Yes he doesnt offer much in attack..

But by god can he defend well and reads the play brilliantly.

Yes critta is a great defender too.

But ive felt for a while this was the best combo to run home with.

Ivan got it wrong last year. I think this year its proved so far to be the right call.

Yes critta is no doubt under utilised on the wing, but defensivley.... we are brilliant on that side.

Critta doesnt drop off tackles like staines and reads game better than him.

It really is the best combo defensivley we could go with and so far defense has won us games.

Well done ivan and ciraldo


First Grade
The difference between a player there on effort as opposed to natural ability.

The chase just before half time was Sattleresque. He just wanted it more.
It was unbelievable. In what world does a 100+ kg forward not just run Hughes down, but get him so easily that he's forced to stop and cut inside gaining a crucial extra few seconds for the rest of the team.

When we got out of that moment I started to believe.

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